Persistence of Blender

Here’s one of the other ideas I had for WC115 (famous painting theme).

It’s called “Persistence of Blender” and is inspired by Dali.

Please click here to view the image.

C&C welcome as always.

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:


well done !!! thats really great !!!


Good, RobertT. That’s what I expected when I chose the topic.
Keep it up.

I prefer this one as well. Not that your other one was bad or anything. :wink: This just seems to fit the topic better.

Well done again.




Nice work on the droopy blender logos, but shouldn’t it be a bit darker like the origional painting.

Great Work, I like it very much.

I’ve been watching some of your images and I have to say that most of your work is of very high quality and expression. Nice talent. :wink:



Well done, RobertT - looks high grade and reflects the mood of Dali’s original.

That’s awesome man.

You should author some tutes, if you haven’t already.

Wow, that’s very cool. How long did it take you?

Thank you all. I’ll revisit some of the other ideas I had for this wc theme at some point.

Tutorials are on my very long list of things to do. (I really should read some more myself :P)

It seemed this took about four hours to do. Time flies when Blendering :slight_smile:


lol cool image! i like it! the tree is sweet!



Well done, inspired in amazing Dali’s work!!

i love it :wink:


I voted for your work on the onctest. Great render and nice inspiration from dali to use in the contest. :smiley:

One of my favorite Dali paintings.

Sweet work my friend, the idea works incredibly well.


beautiful job. This is what i would expect from Dali if he had a computer and blender when he was around. Was it yafray or blender internal with AO