Persistence of Shadow

I finished my animation. I did some “shadowplay”. I’ll be grateful for any comment.

Interesting and arty! Congratulations for the idea. Things I observe: 1.I think you should’ve avoided vertical camera movement and tilting. 2.Animation is stiff, but it doesn’t matter because it ends up being enigmatic like all the rest. 3.Lighting should be better and colors are too saturated (at least for my taste). In my opinion, you should take more care of these things in future projects. I love the mood and the idea.

Thank you for your positive comment. It’s very encouraging and for sure I’ll make more animations in nearest future.
I don’t know why, maybe I was doing something wrong, but single images look much better than final effect (after putting them
into movie). I used many different codec settings, but final movie always had bad quality and file was very very small. I would like to know what to do to have better render of movie.
Circles which are visible on walls weren’t my intention. I think that they arised
because I used spot lamps with very low energy and put blend on maximum which was my mistake.