Persistent Header Position

After listening to the last Blender podcast episode, I decided to post here requesting a feature(tte). To the admins: sorry if it’s not posted in the right place :slight_smile:

Anyway, I like keeping my headers at the top. I find myself spending a lot of time switching headers to the top. I’d like it if there was a global Preferences setting for this. Alternatively, it would be nice if the default behavior was such that, say, if a panel already has a header at the top, any subsequent panels that are generated from that one inherit the header position. Any thoughts?

Which menu bars exactly? If you are trying to get say menu bar thats at the bottom of the 3d viewport up top…all you have to do is split and drag, then hide the lower viewport, them save user settings or save the layout in the layout menu. They could polish that aspect up but its fully functional that way.

Until we get icons in the form up buttons, seeing anything else being put up at top outside of being in a menu probably wont happen. You could just use context sensitive menus or check out the pie menu system being built.

OK, sorry for not using precise nomenclature. I meant to say headers, not menu bars (per Blender Wiki). Yes, you can split and drag, but if you change the type of editor (say, from 3D View to Nodes), the header goes back to the bottom. IMHO, that is not very suave UI behavior. So, not, sorry to say, it’s not functional. Again, IMHO :slight_smile: