Person with \Hair Troubles

I’m not very good with human modelling(yet).
I’m needing help with hair, is there a good tutorial available on making hair. I know how to, but am having troubles actually making it.
Also, I am using makehuman to make my human models, and are there any good tutorials for it. I’ve figured out how to use it, but all my people look not like good people, they look a little cheesy.
I need help in these areas please.

There’s this one:

And, if you’re a ‘citizen’ there’s this one:

One piece of advice that I’ve learned the hard way. Keep your initial strand counts (30-40) low and interpolate children later.

I found this link to be really helpful:

And while this is just a timelapse and not a tutorial, the following video is a fantastic illustration of how to use some of the techniques in the first video on a model: