using my newly acquired skills from the BGMC (and a human proportions map) I created this new character. It is 890 faces- and obviously I still need to add color :slight_smile:

I’m looking for any suggestions for him (I think his feet are too big… so I will fix that some time)


It is hard to tell if you are using a normal map or not, if you are not I suspect that your model are having a high polycount, if so you could probably reduce it to improve. to improve the autonomy the body could use some more curves, the feets are to big (as you pointed out ) and the cheek could use some work, as it is now it is to broad (but it works if that’s the style you locking for ). Over all it is looking good but as you did ask for feedback these where my thoughts
If you post a wireframe I can probably give alot more feedback :slight_smile:

Good start! His face will need some work. and the overall proportions are not completely right. He also looks very blocky. I recommend you study some more, maybe even try drawing people on paper, if you want to create good looking 3d characters.

It is 890 faces

Those are normal maps, and I did something on the cheeks and the feet. Here is the wireframes

I am planning on remaking the normal map.

Thanks for the suggestions


Hi Fred, there’s a lot of improvements there since last time you put up a low-poly human model.
I wonder if you might get better replies in the Artwork section of this forum. That’s where I posted when learning the basics about modeling. I learned a lot of good stuff there.

Anyway, now for some critique of your model:

Some good parts to start:
The normal map looks great, you’ve really got the hang of taking a high poly mesh and adapting it to a low poly one. I’m pretty bad at that myself.
890 faces is a good low poly mesh, it’ll run great in game even on a slow computer.

Some parts which I would personally change:

Here’s a quick comparison with a simple low poly base mesh I use for my projects.
For a torso cross section (looking down from above directly) I usually choose a more rounded shape. Yours is a little bit square and it makes the character look a little stiff and boxy.
Another thing that can cause this “square” appearance is having a lot of right angles (90 degrees) in your mesh. I try to avoid right angle where ever possible. Try to go for more sloping connections between loops.
You can see where I’ve done this in the knee and ankle, as well as around the hips. I use a special kind of joint, I hope you can see in the wireframe how it doesn’t break any edge loops but gives extra flexibility around that area.

On the subject of proportions:
In humans, as we age some parts of our body are bigger or smaller in relation to others. Young children have heads, hands and feet which are quite big in comparison with their bodies. As we get older, the length of the limbs and bulk of the body increase so that the feet, hands and head look smaller.

When designing a character, small hands feet and head make them look older or stronger, while the opposite makes them look younger.

In some design styles, like the manga “Chibi” style, this is exaggerated to make the character look much younger, or cute. With cartoonish muscle men or giants, these parts of the body are made intentionally small to make the character look even stronger.

A way to show the difference between a teenage adult and a full adult is often to make the body thicker and more substantial in an adult and for the teen make them slim and small boned. The teen or young person might have very “straight” arms and legs with little to no difference in thickness between the elbows, shoulders and biceps. Like long tubes or straws.

You should be sure to think about what age you want your character to look or how you want to make the character feel. Are they a strong tough guy? A young hero? Then you can adjust their proportions to match this style.

With those big feet and head, I think your character looks like an older teen. His shoulders are wide but his arms and legs are a little thin. If you want him to look more generic, you should make the feet and head a little smaller, and add some bulk to his arms and legs.
Try changing his proportions and see how it affects how he looks. You might want to try making different versions of the character, to see if you can intentionally create these different appearances and gain more control over your design intentions.

I didn’t have enough time tonight (actually it is morning now:eek:…), to look into all your suggestions but here is what I have so far. don’t worry about the gun, I was just placing props in his hands to see how they would look. I still have quite a bit left to work on. Thanks for all of the help.


You have done alot of progress sins the first image! Nice work. On the last image I think the placement of the ear is a bit of. I think it need to be moved back and a bit upwards on the head, but it might just be me.

Maybe a bit back, but it lines up proportionally (afaik) with the rest of the face.

Here are a couple more pictures, and now I have him textured :slight_smile: (if there are any issues I had before back again- it is because I had to restart from the base model because smart UV is not smart…)

edit- I remade the bump map- and the texturing looks cleaner now, but I do not think it is noticeable in my pictures.

Nice work. Yes the bump map is noticable. especially the ear detail. Will you animate it?

I am planning on animating it. I just need to set up an IK rig (which I am not very good at).

fun update :yes:

he is all rigged- I just need to make some nice animations now.


trying out a GIF of the walk animation.

Dont forget up and down. :slight_smile:

how about this :slight_smile:

These Gifs are fun, here is another of the static character-

major update. finished most of the animations (missing the backwards walk- but with IK I’ll set that up quick) here is a GIF showing some parts

Good…when animates shooting keying only upper body - hands - head - shoulders and chest a little bit in the direction backward and forward and not up and down…look at some references shooting in kneeling position:)…and his eyes are so much wide - eyed and like without the eye lids, paint a little eyebrows too…and beware of the folds on the clothes - have your direction-flow

thank you for the suggestion, I am looking into that- currently I just set up the grenade launcher side of the character :smiley:

I made the gun overheat when shooting grenades but otherwise it is unaffected by how much you shoot.

It looks pretty fun already. :slight_smile:
A good next step could be working on some enemies.