personal advice (guy likes girl)

I like this girl that I’m working with at camp and I want to tell her, but If she doesn’t like me I don’t want things between us to be weird for the next 2 weeks.
Should I wait until the last day to tell her?
How should I tell her?
15 year old teen

hhah, sucks doesnt it.

just tell her.

just do stuff with her: you’ll figure out pretty easily if she likes you… if you don’t want the risk, don’t rush.

Be nice, invite her to lunch, etc. as NateTG suggested. You’ll find out within a reasonable time period what she thinks of you. Not that I’m experienced :wink:

LOL jesus i thought Nate meant Do STUFF with her. Lol im too much perverted to think about ACTUALLLY watching a movie with a girl lol.


I say, if she seems to have it togother, then don’t wait two weeks, tell her now. Don’t do like me and second guess yourself to death. You gotta get while the gettn’s good.

If she turns you down, then at least you will know that you made the effort. In my experience, girls are usually pretty understanding and flattered when you open up to them, as long as you are genuine. If however she accepts you, then you’ll have two whole weeks to get to know each other and bond in a wonderful setting. Well worth the risk, if you ask me! Just be real with her, and ah, keep out of trouble. :wink:

Good luck!

^^Keyword Genuine ^^

More important than anything there is.

Honesty is the key to any relationship.
If you can fake that, you’re in.

Yeah and remeber that you critical sense is very reduced when you are in love…

I know that was a joke lol but…
Ever tryed to not fake it?
It can work to you know? :stuck_out_tongue:

as the mighty nelson used to say: “ha ha” :stuck_out_tongue: get over it

How should I tell her?

Females have a thing for receiving subtle messages so you don’t really have to say to her “hey I like you”. Just say something nice to her when you’re around her and make her compliments. Think about what you like about her and tell her that. Is she pretty, does she have a sense of humor, is she a fun person to be around, does she have interesting hobbies, is she really talented at something, smart, a good listener, etc. Tell her these things you notice about her, it will make her feel special. Drop a comment like that every now and then, don’t make it a big deal just keep it up for a while so it will give her time to think about it and about you. Unless she’s very shy, sooner or later you will get something back from her, if she likes you she will let you know by her reactions. And then you go from there, ask her out and so on. And if she tells you to leave her alone, oh well, you can say you tried.

girls can crush you and lots of them will. Watch out for that.

Yeah, that sux when that happen :frowning:

Hear, hear, been there, done that, got crushed.

Definitely don’t leave it until the last minute. I’ve done that way too many times. I think I expected a window of opportunity to arise at the last minute that might somehow make it easier but it never comes. It’s just part of life that usually the only time you feel relaxed about asking someone out or in general speaking your mind is when your too old or it doesn’t matter any more.

When the emotions are there it’s gonna be nerve-racking and it might well hurt if it doesn’t go your way. Here’s what I’ve learned and other people have said similar:

  1. Don’t just tell her outright that you love her because as you maybe don’t know her all that well, she’ll think you’re judging her on looks, which just means you look shallow. Boy have I done that too often.

  2. Get to know what she likes - finding out from her friends can be a good way to go but they can play cruel tricks like say she likes to be called Annie if her name’s Annabel when in fact she hates it or say she used to be a bloke (make sure you check that too by the way). Try to go for friends you have in common because they can always hint to her that you like her.

  3. Hardly ever talk about your feelings early on. Talking about emotional stuff leads to really embarassing moments usually and you don’t want awkward silences at the start of a relationship. Just talk about stuff you both like and you can tell her she looks good or something now and again.

  4. Probably the best way to gain her affection is what Eva says, pick up on something that’s important to her that people maybe don’t credit her for. The best thing is to try and see what she wants to be noticed for.

  5. If you don’t gain the courage by the time camp comes to an end, MAKE SURE YOU GET HER CONTACT DETAILS. I left it too late with a girl and I expected to see her again but she had gone elsewhere. I tried to get in contact but then I realised I couldn’t. I’ve been heartbroken ever since, boohoo. Every day I regret that I didn’t make a move and now she’s gone forever. Be warned, it hurts like hell.

dmn that realy hurts sometimes :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: … But one day the right one will come(most likly [!] )

Are you a nerd?

mr_rob you my friend are a moron,
Hmmm I just reliased we got a couple females on this board don’t we? I’d rather hear what they can say, even if some guy says the right thing.

Well, getting a woman is a tough ordeal. Here is my step by step program.

  1. Lie a lot and pretend to make her think you care a great deal about her, while also showing very little regard for her feelings and/or voice. This will let her know that you want her, but not enough to secure a long-term relationship so it will cause her to look past any flaws in you, focusing mostly on her own flaws in order to further capture your heart…

  2. Once you’ve got her ensnared, it’s time to move straight to home plate, after that is accomplished move on to step 3.

  3. Let the beatings begin. Once you’ve broken her arm, you’ve broken her spirit and she will be yours forever.

The end. Happily ever after.

I think I’m well placed to tell you what to do since I did it some days ago…same situation as yours…

I told her everything…and well…she didn’t had the same emotions about me, I was just a good friend…nothing more. Then she felt bad about it…she was embarassed to talk with me for the next days (we were camping lots of friend…well actually we were ~200)…anyway. So then she told me she was sorry that she weren,t talking to me much but that she was feeling embarrassed by all…so I told her that this was the last thing I wanted because I didn’t want her to be sad because of me, we talked and I made her understand that the important thing now, was that we were still friend. After that, everything was better. Now we are still talking to each other…sure I’m not going out with her, but at least I get the opportunity to talk with her and this is already WAY better than not having told her.

If you tell her now, and she say no, then you’ll still have 2weeks to speak with her and become better friends…

on the other side, imagine if she DO like you. everything will be so great.

There are no bad choices, because a choice is already WAY better than doing nothing…

as for how to tell her, just tell her. I mean, go for her, tell her something like: Can we go walk a bit? I would like to talk with you. And then everything will go by itself. Just tell her simply what you feel. If you really love her, the words will flow correctly.

Go for it…it’s simple as hell and watever her answer will be, it will be better than no answer at all…