Personal answer to me from Tom Roosendaal

personal answer to me from Tom Roosendaal:

Hi Alvaro,

Yep, we will do our best to find a solution, even when that means opening the sources.
Right now there is no news. Check our website regularly…


Ton Roosendaal Creative/Technical Director
[email protected]

  Not a Number - 3D Enabling Technology

NaN Technologies B.V. Amsterdam the Netherlands

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Don’t stop please. We need another 3D
Get money, get pay in each Blender, as Linux, for the supports,
open the soft
Don´t stop, we are canibalizing by the Soft-system

not exactly news but nice to see his e-mail still works :slight_smile:


Either way NAN makes it or at the worst they open source blender. :slight_smile: :wink: :X :stuck_out_tongue: Now I just need news sometime this weekend so I can set up the business solution for Blender Classes.

Nate Nesler

at the worst it gets sold to some company for inhouse use.

Sounds like Ton still owns the source code! (thats a good thing :smiley: )


That’s not entirely true - basically some of Blender (sound engine I think) is 3rd party, the physics engine (OS iirc) and a lot of Blender parts after 2.x were made by different coders at NaN and also there might be other 3rd party code used with Blender - so it’s entirely possible that if Blenders source is released some parts may be missing. I am not sure how source is/was owned at NaN, but it could well be Ton will be left with 1.80 to release.

Which by itself would be nice for all OSS freaks, since one could see how Blender would develop if they went OS with 1.80 in first place.

Anyhow, we all hope it turns out ok for Ton & Co.