Personal buyers advice for a Drawing Tablet


I want to spand more time doing drawings. Therefore I am searching for a drawing tablet.
Now, with more information, there are also more questions.

  • Size.
    I got a 55" TV which is great for art. I already heard that even for 55", the size of an Intuos Pro M is enough for drawing. I don’t use my whole arm very often, so maybe I am saving money if I buy M?
    Or is it more future proof to buy a larger one?

  • Huion or Wacom.
    I heard that wacom isn’t worth the price, but it is still better quality than Huion. Huion got no drawing tablet in “L”, so this would only be an option with “M”-sized tablets.

  • Maybe a Screen-Tablet?
    For me, I would love the idea of a non-screen-tablet. No hands on the screen and it is cheaper. Also I am quite sensible to this PWM screen flickering. Before the screens were produced without this, I got serious headache after a few hours. I think there is no screen tablet without this technique. What a shame. Cintiques would be pricey enough to kick out this stone age technology…XD

Nevertheless I am a bit concerned that I can’t get used to the hand-eye-coordination. XD Few people said that they didn’t manage to achieve that leap. o0 Or didn’t they try seriously enough?

-> Why not try in the store?
No store which sells such devices in 500 miles+
-> Why not order and get it back?
A -> I would try to buy used, to get it as cheap as possible.
B -> I don’t want to stress the delivery service too much these days and also do something good for our environment, trying to avoid unnecessary orders. :wink:

Yeah… Thank you!

I exclusively used Wacom products for decades. They just worked far better than all their competitors. That is no longer the case. My last Wacom tablet was an Intuos Pro Large. It developed an error. I sent it to Germany from the UK at my own expense for repair as it was out of warranty. It came back and the same issue reappeared within an hour of use.

I bought a Huion WH1409. It has an active area of 350mm x 218mm (13.8”x 8.6” Inches). Current Intuos Pro Large is 311mm x 216 mm (12.1 x 8.4). My Huion tablet costs £94 on UK Amazon. The Intuos is £423.

The experience of using the Huion tablet is almost exactly the same as using the Intuos. I say almost because on my system it actually works better. I had some issues in the past with strokes in Corel Painter on Wacom tablets where there would be some slight glitches along the length of what should have been a straight line. Nothing like this with the Huion.

The one downside of the Huion is that the pen on my model needs to be recharged with a supplied cable once in a while.

Oh… as far as tablet size goes: The nearer the tablet is in size to the (apparent) screen size the easier hand-eye co-ordination can be. Larger tablets allow you to draw more expressively, moving your whole arm for example instead of just your hand and fingers. The downside of course is that you have to make larger movements. My advice to someone who is experienced in traditional drawing or painting is: Get the largest graphics tablet you can afford.

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Ok, thank you for your experience.
So, I will have a closer look at the Huion tablets too.

I don’t draw very expressively I think… At least not often. Most of the time my lines are relatively controlled… Hard to say. But if you say the extra bucks on a larger tablet are well spend. And if Huion got larger tablets they are probably cheaper than Wacoms M XD

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