Personal cannon

Looking at the Exodus teaser made me remember a model I started on long ago but got bored with before finishing (like most of my models ;)) called the Jeriko Handcannon. So I picked it up again and finished most of the modelling.

I still need to put some sort of trigger mechanism somewhere.

  1. pofo

edit: here’s a little animation to test the recoil damping (96k)

Looks awesome. Now get it textured and firing something!!

The recoil anim was very nice as well. Could move backwards on the firing a little quicker, but nicely done.



yes! Texture, and some decals, and then a fire-cycle :slight_smile:


The short tripod makes me think the gun sits low to the ground and the trigger should be on a handle sticking up near the top of the gun, but the shoulder rest makes me think it should be positioned like a rifle. maybe lose the shoulder rest OR the tripod?

At first I was going to make it to be fired while standing (that’s why it was called a handcannon ;)) but it got too front heavy and long with the anti recoil stuff to support so now it’s fired lying down supported on the ground, shoulder and upper back. I think I’ll put the trigger a bit in front of the shoulder support to be pressed by the right hand (for the right handed, the gun is symmetrical at this point so a left handed user will have no problem) and I think I’ll put a grip on the side of the tripod so it can be supported by the left hand.
I haven’t had time to do any update on this (or the columned building or any other little project) yet because I’m actually working :o crazy thought, me (–> 8) <–) doing something useful :wink:

  1. pofo

OK pofo, we have to talk :wink:

Here’s my proposition: You send me your .blend, I put your name in the “special thanks” of our movie. And your gun will be use as a weapon of the infantry…what do you think? Well if you want to texture it first :wink: :Z

Nice work! I love it!