personal challenge _building a creature entirely in Blender.

Here is a WIP of a character I worked on yesterday.
My challenge was to complete the character entirely in Blender and i have to say, it was great fun. Firstly I built a low poly (VERY low poly) model onto which I sculpted, then i retopoed the mesh and then unwrapped it and re sculpted the cean mesh, pulling it here and there, before drawing a temp mterial and a simple fur system.
Now I need to complete the moth and paint real textures and suclupt up some fine details and build the hair system properly and build shape keys and a real rig… sheesh.

Blender neer crashed or becam e sluggish and everything worked as described without a hitch. What a wonderful piece of software this is.

Work continues. I have built teeth and tongue and the inside of the mouth, as well as explored a few clour combinations.

And started on the eyes…

flippin cool this thread and the monsters in my milk one has some of the coolest characters I have seen.

Some SSS material testing… more to come there.

and some weight painting…

Despite a bunch of fiddling with options, I can’t rif the character of this weird clumping in the fur render. I have tried more options than I care to mention down to playing with shadow options. It has stopped me doing 2 things, 1, combing the hair how I want it and 2, having fun :frowning:
Any way, if anone can help with a suggestion I’d welcome it.

Also, the hair seems really blocky or angular, particularly around the feet and hands which leads me to believe the hair is calculating before the subsurf (even though subsurf is before the hair in the stack). Does anyone know if I’m right with that?


Doesn’t the surface diffuse setting help this?

Also you could try softer shadows…like MUCH softer :stuck_out_tongue:

Props on the character btw!

Thanks DigitalWolf, but it is not the problem I’m having.
I have put that on the back burner for the moment and have moved onto some shape keys and some wrinhle sculpting which I hope to bake out into a normal map.

…and I’ll finish off the night with a render…

This is one of the coolest chars around here! And that’s saying alot! Will keep an eye out for this one!

Very professional. You did that in how many days/ hours?

A bunch of hours a night for a week. Not really sure. There has been a lot of needless fiddle along the way, as well as re-learning a thing or two I forgot about Blender :wink:


looks great. for the clumping problem, maybe use a few more particles, and reduce the ammount of child particles.

I thought about that but I have thousands of patricles there already. It looks very much like too few particles. I tried both more and less virtual parents etc, but with no luck.

First up, the happy dance as I’m still having more fun than with Max or Maya or ZBrush etc…

Now a couple of thoughts and questions…
When the fur renders, the profile of the character becomes quite angular and I suspect it’s a function of the hair pushing out the form and making intersections with hair resting on other ‘planes’ of the figure, and the way the the guie particles are being interprited. I have added a half mix between the skin and the fur render to illustrate my point. It’s particularly accute around the paws and tail.

No amount of virtual parents seems to modify the apparent squareness of the result.


…further to my question about the odd arrangement of fur on the character’s belly, I have posted an image of the particles. The belly particles look very similar in arrangement to all the others.

Anyway, onward and upward. None of these are deal breakers, but I’d like to imagine I could wrngle them if I really needed to so any direction would be appreciated.


I particularly like how the fur is behaving on his shoulder.

grsaay, I ran into the same fur problem when I was trying to create a cat for a project. The only two ways that I could find to eliminate it was to make the children be interpolated instead of simple and to increase the length of the fur slightly until it resolved.

Also the smoothing comb in the particle mode helped reduce that too.

Adorable little creature… what is he? Cat ?

Great character, maybe impriving a little the fur, it will look perfect.

perhaps the square-ness is due to being combed from different views?

Well, it’s not supposed to be a cat so I intend to redo his ears a little and modify his colourings. The smoothing helped the problem areas considerably as did adding more interpolated guides.


I have made some further small changes, lengthened his arms as they were way too short and added his friend Andrew who I built a while ago.