Personal Computer of the Future

This topic ( )got me thinking about where PC’s will go in the future, specifically Icoxo’s post about the lazers. I sat down and started to create what i thought would be somewhat like what a future PC will look like:
the base projects the image of the desktop upward into thin air.

im not done, i have ideas for a new type of keyboard and ‘information drives’ that can be used for peripherals and data storage. like you would have your main information storage device in one slot, some sort of graphics card in another, a modem, and whatever else, but they can all be removable so you can use the same type of slot for a removable information storage device as you do for your modem ect…

anyways, cool ideas are appreciated, and cnc as well.

well if its a future computer, why would it have win xp on it?

how about sharpening the image a bit ,… it seems a bit blury

I love the idea of having WinXP on it!
“Was that a real system back then?”

I foresee a time when a book will be a single sheet of material with a scrollbar down one side and buttons to turn individual pages. I like the idea of the “cortex” used in Josh Wheedon’s Serenity. Just plug in a book!

:o <-- bookworm, can you tell?

looks good, reminds me of something i saw in popular science mag., there was a base like yours, then a wand that folded up from one side and had a rolled up display inside, you could then pull out the screen.

they’ve actually made this, but only b&w, it’s paper thin and can roll/fold without damage.

I also saw one that’s semitransparent, its for putting on car windows and stuff so you can see through it, you might incorporate that idea and add a little transparancy to your disp… or a halo flicker or something