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Taking inspiration from amazing Blackhaus Studio works, changing furniture, colours and finishes I decided to test Blender and myself trying to replicate one of their renders. I hope you like it.

Nice remdering :slight_smile:

Very nice render! Where did you get the 3d model of the girl? Or is it photoshopped?

Rendered using cycles or game engine?

this render has that feeling I would like to get on my Archviz. Can you share lighting and PostPro Settings please?

I can see this kind of luminous feeling full of life. Even tho, I want to se more of this scene, a few more angles, I think, could improve a lot this project.

Good job.

Really good environment! Like it a lot!!! :slight_smile:

Great job!! Congrats.

Rike it.
I struggle to believe it’s cycles.
I agree with the curiosity to have some infos about pp.

Thank you @muneeb227, I used cycles for this one!!

Thank you @maraCZ !! I actually used a 3d model, free photo scan found on turbosquid, I don’t know if I can post the exact link here.
But you can easily found it by writing: “business woman” on turbosquid.

Exceptional work, you’ve really nailed the realism of this image.

Very realistic :slight_smile:

Realy nice and realistic rendering, great job

I think it is pretty much as realiztic as you can get with Blender! Neat! )))

Thank you! I found it.

Thank you so much Joni!!
For the lighting there is nothing too fancy to be honest, as you can see in the screenshot, I used an hdri for the general realistic color cast, then for the main light source I used 2 large mesh light, and one Area light (set Portal) for decreasing noise amount.
In post production I only assembled the image (i’ve rendered the foreground and the background separately) and fixed a bit the contrast and the colours.

Thanks @ivaydesign!!!

Thank you so much @julioras , I look forward to see your new projects!!

Thanks a lot to everyone!! @rickprokosch @Weasel Effects @grabeunwik @Margenta