Personal Recon- 1 year Blender project

Watch in HD!

I made this animation by myself with Blender. My objective was in 1 year to learn how to use Blender, and finish this animation as I learned how to work with it. It took about a year to learn everything necessary to make the animatition and to finish and render it.

I hope you enjoy it.


Soundtrack: star trek labor of love

Nice! Good, short story, nothing too ambitious (story wise), I actually cared about the characters, which is rare. There are some technical issues, but I think it’s a great first project. Good music choice as well. Congratulations.

Great job. You’ve achieved a lot in a year for sure. Very nice little story.

I agree with 3D. A lot of very good stuff. You have got an excellent foundation. What really impressed me was the non-Blender. You are a very good director. shot selection, pacing, camera, etc. Perhaps not super flash - but told the story. Well done.

Let me echo Daren in saying your directing was well done. Camera placement and shot composition really helped sell the story. A “well done” from me as well!

Thanks guys, I’m glad you liked it so far :), I tried submitting it to Blendernation a week ago and they haven’t posted it yet, you think its because of copyright or something?

Great job, love seeing big ambitious projects like this being done in Blender.

I don’t know if he’ll post to BN… He never posted any of my vids. Which is fine, gives me impetus to move forward.

Nice Job. Good Achievement in one year.