Personal Recon- 1 year Blender project

Watch in HD!

I made this animation by myself with Blender. My objective was in 1 year to learn how to use Blender, and finish the project as I learned how to work with it. It took about a year to learn everything necessary, to finish and render it. I learned the most from websites like and, thank to them for all of the great tutorials!

I hope you enjoy it.


Soundtrack: star trek labor of love


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That was GREAT! For 1 year of blender i can just say its amazing, i was not nearly as good after 1 year.
Modellingwise there are a lot of things that could be improved, but you didnt got any major flaws in there which
ruin the experience.
Do you have experience in cinematography? Because from the arrangement of the shots, the angles and everything i have to say this is a very very high quality.

I really enjoyed it and it was a great storytelling :smiley:

Keep up the good work.

Very nice job, very impressive. The composition and timing of the shots were well done, aswell as the modelling, lighting and texturing. There were obviously some things that could have been improved, like the explosion, and lack of details in general, but for learning from scratch in a year it was very good.

Congrats, and very nice too.

Great job dude, you made a very compelling world and told a moving story, well done.

Congrats… That’s very impressive. You managed to get something expressive, engaging and simple at the same time…Here is a lot of potential!!
Very good!

Very impressive work. You certainly have a keen sense of cinematography and of good, tight editing. I didn’t feel that there was too much “extra” footage in there at all. The opening/closing shot is superb. Like I said, you seem to have a gift for where you put the camera, how you use the various available cinematographic techniques, and, how you cut. A really fine choice of music, too, because you have really used that music as an integral part of your storytelling, and not merely tacked it on. It feels that way to me, anyway…

Here’s hoping for a “making of” reel, mmmm??

Naturally, I would have liked to have been able to see a better look at the old man, and when the soldier discovers the little girl I really couldn’t see her at all, but I was very impressed by the camera work and the use of a weapon-attached spotlight in the shots leading up to that point.

I am, of course, quite sure that this year will produce even more great improvements to this film. (Hint, hint …) I suspect that there is a story lurking there, when we briefly encounter two people; a story that is even stronger than the video-game-esque battle scenes, and if you feel the same way I do, I’d really like to see that story some day.

Nonetheless, an excellent piece, and, especially given that it is a first-year work … :eek: … I hereby nominate it to go, directly and forthwith, “do not pass Go!”, to The Gallery.

That’s amazing! Great story line, got goosebumps!

I would have liked to have been able to see a better look at the old man

An amazing job! I am so majorly impressed this inspires me to be better! I loved the music and theme! the storytelling and the camera angles. I really enjoyed it! congrats and I hope to see more!

You managed to make me concentrate on the story and feel with you characters instead of analysing the technical aspects of the animation - which means you are really really good at telling stories and cinematography :slight_smile:
The animation was a bit stiff at some points (but still way better than what I could do ^^)
I’m looking forward to you next project.

Great for so few time working on the project, I just didnt know why the guy send the girl to the bike to save herself while the main character could save them both, hehehe, and it need some other sounds to make it more imersive, but its great, really great!

Makes one question the validity of people who complain that Blender is too hard to learn, doesn’t it? Not to detract from the intelligence or the talent of the creator of this animation, but it does demonstrate that if one is willing to put some time and effort into learning something it can be done, and with good results.

Here’s to you alanplanes15! We will watch you with great interest! :cool:

That’s ambitious and very nice work …

The experience I have is mostly making videos with halo 3 and some home made one, I haven’t studied anything related to cinema yet, they way I learned was mostly observing how movie directors do it :slight_smile:

The reason why he/she sent her of because the main character was shot in the leg and couldnt make it, and he/she had to defend the bike at the same time. But thanks for pointing that out! It means that I should have spent more time making that more noticable, and showing that he/she really wanted the little girl out of there as quick as possible. :slight_smile:

Well it was Halo, Star Wars, and Independence Day all rolled into one. I like it! Alan, you have done a great job here, I wish I had been more dedicated to my ideals and completed my Blender learning project. Probably spent too much time on the forum talking. :slight_smile:

Well done. I think you should take the time to add proper sound effects, it would really finish the piece and expand your learning curve. I think you have some real potential. Good luck.