personalized DESKtop

I got bored one day, and decided to organize my desktop… my virtual one that is, and made this background:

And here’s a screenshot of how it looks like with the icons and all:

It’s made to 1280*1024, so that the objects on it are exatly the same size as in real life, on a 19" TFT.
The point is, that once I get bored with it, I can make some new objects, or just move the stuff around a bit, rerender, and overwrite the old desktop…

That is very nice background pic, great textures, the ereaser looks almost real. Actually whit a bit tweaking the whole scene would look almost photoreal.
Now the shadows are a bit too sharp and the deks wood texture it a bit too blurry looking.

But those things aside, very good job.


Very good idea, yet colors and design are stunning .

paper texture is almost real. I think that shadows should be sharp like they are here, because distance is too small, so IMHO evrything is natural,except wood texture, where contrast is very high.
Think about changing it.

very nice, but you should use tweak UI to ditch those horrible shortcut arrows.