Perspective reference image

Hi everyone, I have an aerial photo of a city and I must use it to model, the problem is that the image is not ortographic -bird’s eye view- and I can’t use it as a traditional background image.
Any idea?

Well, what are you modeling?
If you are modeling a city, my recomendation would be to get side view building references, or blue prints or something. Then model out the buildings using those. After that, you can use the perspective top view simply as a means to put the completed buildings where you want them.

Is there some reason this is the only image you can use?

Seems to me you could get an idea of the proportions, from the top anyway, from a Google Earth screencapture and then adjust the details and heights of the buildings using your perspective reference.

Thanks for the answers, the image I have is the only one I can use because it’s an old city with bird’s eye perspective view;
I have to model buidings and streets.
Is there in Blender a way to change the axis orientation according to my image (something like Sketchup’s ‘photo match’)?
Or what if I use a plane with my image textured on?
Thanks everyone

No automated camera matching. By eye.

You could use the image as a background image for the camera and model through the camera, then generate your UV map for the model using Project from View, then map the image back onto your geometry using the ProjectUV modifier. It’s called camera mapping, camera projection and used a lot, try googling for more info.

Problem is that the UV’s created are not to the same scale as the camera view so you end up having to scale them by eye to map them onto your geometry and project the textures on from the camera location. ie duplicate the camera, name it projector, apply the UVProject modifier to the mesh and add the duplicated camera ‘projector’ as the projector.

In the end you can get pretty good realistic results and have a bit of latitude to do a simple camera move if you need to do a very simple animation.

To take it further you could create further UV maps from additional projection points ie. further camera locations, if the camera needs to travel further to cover texture stretching and missing textures.

Decent painting skills would be needed using Photoshop or Gimp as you’ll be basically creating additional images from the photo you have or try to hunt down more images of the buildings in your photograph that might exist to use as source material.

The Projection Paint feature might also be worth trying although I think it’s a lot slower and harder going.

What have you got to produce, are you intergrating a new building in the scene?

Thanks Yellow, I’ll try camera mapping method (it sounds good). No I’m not integrating new buildings, it’s an historical reconstruction of a city of Renaissance and the only images I have for that period are perspective paintings and some old maps. So it’s a little harder than working with modern aerial photographies because my references are all ‘hand-made’ and so not particularly precise.
Any idea or suggestion will be greately appreciated… thanks a lot,

I think that Gimp and Photoshop have tools for changing the perspective, although I’m sure that the tools are limited somewhat in what they can do. Still, you might try looking into it.