Perspective Rendering

Not sure about the title, but I will explain my problem.

I am completely new to Blender, like, a week. I just went through a tutorial on modelling a face and in my opinion I think it looks good considering my experience.

The big problem though, is that my image looks good when in Orthographic, but terrible in perspective. Here is what I mean:

As you can see, the left is in perspective, the right in orthographic.

Is it the way I have modelled the image that makes it look odd? Or possible because the photos I used were perspective and I modelled them in orthographic?

I don’t know :mad: Help plz

Also, feel free to critise my model, I need to get better :slight_smile:

[Edit: On a side note, here is a comparison of the person I modelled and model:]

The default camera has a very wide angle (35 degrees). If you edit the cameras objects angle property and move the camera away from the object it will look much better.

Thank you very much.

I plan on taking some higher res shots to work with and combine what I have learnt from several face modelling tutorials to make a better face.

I was going to attempt it before, but decided to wait for a reply in case I was doing something majorly wrong :smiley: