Perun class destroyer


Modeling artist: Chris Kuhn
Texturing artist: Jack Herman
Polycount: ~400k tris/quads
Textures: 3x4k, 1x1k

and a short animation:

I love me a good spaceship! :wink: Great stuff. You even manage to make it look somewhat unique, which is difficult in such an oversaturated category. There’s something about the overall design and material that reminds me of ancient Greek or Rome for some reason.

This is awesome. Would you mind posting your flat textures and a brief description, how you went about texturing it…?

It’s very nice work. I only have 1 criticism, which is it doesn’t come off as really large - it looks more like a corvette or frigate more than a destroyer. I think this is because of the density / size of details on the surface of the ship are larger in proportion to the size of the ship itself.


Very, very nice. I like that. Have you considered submitting in to RSI for possible inclusion into Chris Roberts new game? I think it would be Great for the two of you and for blender to have that Ship included where everyone can see it! I realize it would require some work to break down into the separate components but I think it would be worth it as your’s is every bit as good as the one used in the demo he made… Here is the link to the website.

This is an amazing render. The model itself is incredibly impressive, but how did you get the render to have that painted, hand-crafted feel?

You’ve done some very good work, with lots of attention to detail, but I think it looks like a locomotive engine. Maybe that’s what you were trying for.

Thanks for C&C’s!
We decided to share the model, you can find the mesh hereand texture pack here.


I mostly painted textures by hand. It was time consuming…

After unwrapping the model (it’s symetrical over Y axis and UV’s overlap) I created texture base, multiplied AO bake over it, painted scratches and variations in texture painting mode, finally I used texture painting to get rid of obvious seems and baked the diffuse.

very nice!
have you done more ships like it?

It’s the first one we did together, for the meshes you can check out my friend’s profile.

Cool model, I’ve got to say…

Very nice! Really reminds me of some of the Forerunner heavy assault carriers from Halo. Great modeling and texturing.

wow wow wow i will set this awesome image to my desktop wallpaper!