Hi! Droping my latest artwork, basicly woman anatomy study and some experiments with forms.
Started in Medium, then refined in Blender.
I would like to play some more with materials and lights but it was pretty poly heavy, so it wasnt so fun :stuck_out_tongue:
Which one pleases more ? Bloody or gold :)?


Gold… better contrast.

Yeah thats probably true :slight_smile: Thanks for comment.

Wow! Really cool! Great work! :star_struck:
… and the title is surely adequate. Ha, ha, ha.

Would be interesting to see more of her face…

Here goes face. It isn’t polished enough, also for portrait purpose I would merge hairs with head and add some details, but since you intrested it is as it is :slight_smile: In terms of expression its not perfect but I did it without any certain references, just trying to make it presentable for overall sculpt.

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