PES2010 faces doubt


I edit faces for a game called PES2010 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2010)

We have the 3d of the face and the texture. What we can do to “make” a new face is to change the texture of the previous face and edit the 3d without removing or adding vertices

My question is… can i move the vertices in the 3d window according to what i change in the uv map window

For example the 1st thing i do to edit a new face is to move the “points” in the uv window to match the new texture. After that i have alot work to do in the 3d window so that the 3d face looks like the real player face

It would be much easier if i could move the 3d points at the same time i move the uv map points

Did i explained well my doubt?? hope so!! Can anybody help me??


To some limited extent. If you are willing to take the time to draw the Texture maps then Displacement mapping might work for you.


Is it possible to make the “points” in the 3d window exactly the same as the points in the uv window (x,y coordenates)

I know i can move them manually but isn’t there a option to move them automatly??


You could (to a limited extent) Displace them along the Z axis (bottom-left corner of your pic), but not along the X/Y plane; that you’d have to do manually.



I’m not sure if it would fit in with your workflow, but you could use the UVProject modifier to project the image onto the face. Then you can adjust your model in Edit mode to fit the image. Then you can apply the modifier to generate the adjusted UV map.

Thanks for the reply but i didn’t understand your help cause i’m not a expert with blender

Can you explain again like i have 5 years old…