Pet Cloud - revisited

I have need for an animated character. The best description I could give would be as follows.

  • It is imaginary.

  • It is a pet.

  • It behaves like a dog but it is not a dog.

  • It floats above the ground like a stingray would travel above the ocean floor.

  • It has similar side fins to the sting ray which should seemingly propel the character with wave like movement with some “leg-like” “bones”.

  • It is below knee high on a 180 cm (5’ 11") person.

  • The area above the floor it floats is included in the height.

  • It has no eyes, mouth or facial features.

  • The head would be an obelisk bump out.

  • The four legs would be embedded into the flying wing of the sting ray.

  • This character would be made of cloud (vapor).

  • The tail would be a series of trailing clouds.

  • It has to be detailed enough to have a full screen close up as a 1080p resolution.

  • There are four distinct actions need to be considered.

  • sitting

  • trotting

  • running

  • begging on knee of person

  • It will be used in context with live video shots.

The live video will not be shot until we have an animated proof of concept for this character.

Below is a rough draft of something I put together as a noobie. Please download the blender file to have a look. It is merely a series of obelisks and a distorted Nurbs Sphere Surface. It has not been made into a cloud using the generator. No animation has been applied.

I would expect some back and forth communication to get our vision animated. Deliverable in this first phase would be the character and the four animated actions mentioned in #14 above. These would be delivered as blender files.

I hope this is an improvement over my past post. If you have any interest in this project please direct your comments directly to my contact profile here. We would like to have your estimate of cost for this portion of the project; after some clarification if you require. All artists working on the project will be given credit for the work they have made. Please do not ask for our budget. We will compensate according to amount of the accepted bid.

If you cannot visualize this project as it is stated please send us your questions. We will answer all valid questions.

I’m not entirely sure what you’re looking for…if you could provide a sketch or two of what it is you’re thinking up, an artist can go off of that and you might get a response…

I would guess the png image and the two blender models are of no use?

Unfortunately I am not an artist. I am a software developer but since you have asked i will give it a try.

This a composite image and some drawing with additional sketches. I do not have rights to those sketches.


he just wants a full on cloud that acts like a dog in animation,with stingray like motion as default movement (I believe)

it’s doable by treating the dog as a full on character and use occasional limbs to make him do stuff,but I know nothing about texturing,modeling a cloud. If I had a model I could animate it,probably,as I’ve animated limbless creatures before (but in 2D). I could apply,but would waste too much time finding a solution for the cloud thing,which I’m still not sure about what would do the trick.

Also he seems to want it as realistic as possible which is an extra concern.
This kind of animation seems more fitted for a cartoony look,but I might be mistaken.

I’m not sure if what he wants would look all that good even if you’d be able to get 100% what he wants.

Well, Bollebib, I have just the opposite concern. Take these screenshots here:

I simply added a smoke simulator generated from a particle system to a low poly model here:

Now the trick is animating the character, which shouldn’t be too difficult. My main concern is ensuring the smoke simulator works in tandem with my armature. Unless of course, this is not at all what you all are looking for-in that case, let me know before I continue. <<< cloud generator - I only have been looking at blender for a couple of weeks…

The stingray model is one way to look at it - but think about morphing a dog shape into a stingray and stopping about half way through. Then apply the cloud generator.

I don’t use the cloud generator. This is a pretty simple smoke simulation generated from particles instead of the mesh. The particles allow it to be much more versatile and manipulable. I honestly wouldn’t know where to start when it comes to changing the shape of the animal. I could easily apply a shapekey, in order to make it able to change in varying values from assuming the shape of the stingray, to assuming the shape of the dog. The problem then is how exactly you animate the character. Right now, I could rig the stingray and have various animations presented to you by the end of the day, however, I would need a dog rig as well-which I can do-however, I would need a method of converting the stingray rig to the dog rig along with the shapekey. The only way I would know to do it would be to add a simple smoke simulation, and behind it, replace the stingray with the dog, but then you lose the ability to have it dynamically shift between the two. I will continue to research methods of changing the character for you.

I’ve been musing over this thread for a while and doing some tests in my own time. I tried used a shape key to alter the form of the cloud but the particles don’t follow suit, nor does the smoke. If you manage to get that working I’d be interested to know how you managed it. :slight_smile:

Here’s a short screen recording taken of my solution: The AnimAll built-in! This seems to be the best method of action for this particular case. Please keep in mind that this is not final geometry, and the simulation is generated from particles, so while it takes the shape of a particular object, it does not follow the geometry.

Sorry guys n gals - have been very busy with other projects - I will get back here i a couple of days - thanks

No problem. I’ll be here.

Hmmmm perhaps use a texture to emit smoke from, and have the creature that’s animated be the flow object. Turn vorticity up, turn on high res, set it to resolution of 2, set to wavelet and set noise to 6 or so. Keep your domain res around 64. The texture will control where smoke is emitted from on the creature. Use a cloud texture and adjust it’s settings so there aren’t as many greys as just blacks and whites, but don’t go overboard. Find a way to animate the cloud texture over time so it’s not so static. This will give the flow interesting emitter characteristics. At that point, turn the sim speed down to .6 or so, and then adjust the material smoke density and scattering to your liking. I’m guessing you should probably also turn on the smoke fade and give it 25 frames or so to fade.

Never mind, emit from texture doesn’t seem to take into account the animations anyway. Sad.

I used a particle system, no need for texture generation. Smoke is generated by cubic unites, and each unit follows a particle. The particles follow the geometry, and therefore, they follow the AnimAll. So while most methods won’t follow AnimAll, the particle system is actively generated as particles die and are born from moved geometry. That’s why you get the slight trail effect as the AnimAll is in process.

Yup, particles work just fine. Got a render of your cloud sim?