PET? edit the Falloff

Hi out there
I need to edit my uvs and wanted to use the proportional editing tool, but I cant regulate the falloff. I tried to use the middle mousweel, but does not work. Maybe I havnt got it right, but I think thats what is suggested in this article
Is there a hotkey for increase or decrease the falloff? Btw: + or - on the numpad or page up/down does not work.

Thanks for your help

Got it. I had to scroll the weel a looooong time…and than the circle appeared.

At the moment, if I select all of the mesh to see all the uvs, the mesh will be shown in “selected mode” . Sorry I dont know the term. In MAX the face will get red to show “i am selected”. Is it possible to turn that off? because otherwise I have to guess where my texture is. Thanks in advance