Pet Peeve - losing your reply text.

One thing that really bugs me is that often when responding to someone’s post, if you take too long you get logged out, and the text box gets wiped clean causing you to lose all your typing. It’s even more frustrating because it’s more likely to occur after you’ve typed in a long response. :no:

I copy the text now before I hit the Submit button, but if you forget to do this; it seems like your text is gone. Or is it?

Maybe you can recover it somehow, but still I would like to see a little more time allowed before you get logged out.
thanks for the great forum and everything :yes:

Make sure “remember me” is checked when you log in.

Since I tend to always write lots of text this happens to me very often, but if I then just log in again right away, I just get back to the editor with all the text still there.
But maybe that is browser dependent.
On the other hand, editing doesn’t work well for me, whenever I do that, I lose all formatting, but maybe that is also depends on the browser.

just make sure you have cookies enabled for this site and java script, and everything will work fine for you.

Before posting, press control A to select all, then control C to spy to the clipboard just in case… this way you can just paste it back in if you get logged off or timed out