Pet Shop Scene

Im working on a scene inside a pet shop, I have a lot to model, but it should all be fairly simple work i think? (famous last words)…

anyway, first model is a small cute dog, I will later have to model an older dog, but I will leave that until later.

here is the finished modelling the low poly version of the dog, I may try sculpting it and displacing the mesh, as I’m looking for the scene to be fairly photorealistic, but have never been able to get a hold of scultping, but will soon have a graphics tablet, so I’m hoping that will help.

Let me know of any improvements that can be made.

Dog Toys!!

more modelling:

more progress to the display shelf:

here is a basic setup for the fish tanks, for the larger tank I will probably model a complex interior, but the others, will just have some basic plants inside, and I may change the background for each tank, to be more simple

also a basic brainstorm of the final camera angle:

cool. good to see a complex project like this. looks good so far.

more progress on the display shelves, soes anyone have any ideas on what could go on the empty shelves? something that wouldn’t look to strange just placed straight onto the shelves??

collars and ducks:

second older dog: modelled referencing to a golden retriever (smaller puppy was references to a jack russell terrier).