Petal's Adventures in the Garden

This is a short clip from the bee-riding scene.The young girl ‘Petal’ is adapted from a MakeHuman basic. The bee was modelled and rigged by Quinten Pillen - purchased from the Blender Market. The bush and oval and pointy leaves were made by Andrew Price of BlenderGuru. I modelled the fence, strawberry leaves and chive flowers. Textures made in Gimp. It is a work in progress.

Fun! Try to make the wings flap realistically - Which means, faster. The moment when Petal jumps could be a little more “gravity alike”; overall I like it a lot. keep on

Thanks for your helpful feedback and encouragement. Yes, the wings do need to flap faster but I’m not sure how to get them to do that without increasing the render time which was about 50 hours just for this little clip!

The wings currently have eight positions, one per frame, repeated; That’s quite a big movement in between each position. Ideally I’d like to have keys in between because 16 positions would be better. But that would mean I’d have to double the frame rate to 48fps. And there would still only be about 3 beats per second. Real bees’ wings beat faster than that … but there just isn’t going to be enough keyframes to animate that.

One way that might work is to have the wings more blurred. I have motion blur on, but I’m not sure why a single frame shows the legs to be a bit blurred but the wings not at all. It might just be that the legs are hairy but the wings are not. I’m not sure. I’ll have to look into that.

You mention the bit where she ‘jumps’. I guess you mean the beginning bit where she’s falling down towards the bee. That will eventually be a bit different - as she’ll be falling through and out of a sort of worm hole.

I have no advanced knowledge of animation in Blender; but I think you can keep the framerate normal (29 fps is normal for videos) Increase the speed of the wings ABOVE the speed of the frames themselves. Is this possible, or will keyframes be missing to fit the positions?

I think it is possible for you to set a high frame rate, but when rendering you ask to only make half of the output, that is, skip one frame, or skip 2/3 of the frames, so your rendering time is comfortable as it needs to be.

I think an animation specialist could really help to answer you! I do not know.

Activating the Motion Blur options, the renderer will gently add the blur trails within a frame, more or less as you see here:

Yes, I think you are right that if I increased the speed of the wings above the speed of the frames themselves, that keyframes would be missing to fit the positions.

There might be some way to get the effect of fast wings by changing the frame-rate but I don’t yet know it…

I’ve always used 24fps for my animations. I like the fact that 24 can be divided by several numbers which I find useful when keying something that repeats a number of times each second.

I haven’t yet got motion blur to happen on the wings reliably. It may be that I need more keyframes and more positions keyed for the wings… Then use the motion blur on that. (The girl’s face blurs easily but I don’t want her face to blur much at all).

I think I need to learn much more about motion blur. Any animation specialists out there?!

That’s a lovely bee photo, thanks. And there are some wonderful slow motion bee videos on YouTube I think I’ll study some more.

Hey @AliSpark. I think I realized what is the feature you need. Take a look on the STEP, at the output properties -> Dimensions / just above Frame Start / Frame End.

If you choose Step 2, it will output only every two frames. You can choose 3, 4, etc. So you can raise the Frame Rate to a higher number, and render only half (or less) of the frames.

Thanks Stefano. If I increase the frame rate, use motion blur on wings, and then use the STEP to render just some of the frames of just the wings, using a mask perhaps, and then, in the video editor, put the blurred wing image sequence on top of the sequence of renders I’ve done, I might get the result I need. I’ll have to look into this some more and try it out. I need to do some other things this week, including making the wormhole, but hope to get back to the wings eventually…

I’ve been experimenting with textures for the ‘wormhole’. Here is my most recent render: