+peter's 2008 Digital Graphics Reel

Hello all
I was not sure where the best location would be to post my digital graphics reel. Most of the work featured is done in Blender, save for a one or two After Effects and Maya pieces.

I’m looking for some opinions regarding the timing and flow, and generally how engaging the short is. It was recommended by a professional friend of mine to keep it under 2 minutes.

Creating a short that allows a future employer to evaluate the hiring potential of myself is a terrifying assignment. This ended up being a lot more stressful than I anticipated :eek:.

Therefor your critique is very valuable. I’ll buy you all beer.

click image to see the video on Vimeo

Hey Peter, The reel looks pretty solid, it has a nice flow- except one part, where the logo falls on the bear. That seems like the weakest part. I like the forest, is there any more to that piece?
OK, now that the formal stuff is over, what kind of beer are we talkin about here?

Pretty good. I especially like the play on your name. I giggled.

Sausages - yes grumble that is a not-so-interesting part isn’t it. I should explore some ways to make it more engaging. The forest part, actually, does not have anything else to it. It literally pans for about a minute or so, looks pretty, and confuses people. I hear its nice to look at with mood music and when you’re high.

awesomehammer - what better way to turn what used to be a curse (back in elementary school) into a method of self promotion!

Speaking of beer, since there are two of you, I can afford to get expensive. How about a nice, dark local micro brew!


Nice work you’ve got there!

One thing, is your email wrong in the end there, the domain is written: trayorpark instead of traylorpark?

Ah, dark beer is good, where is local? The bear part I mentioned earlier, I just watched it a few times, I think the way the logo moves after it hits the bear seems floaty? like maybe it should be just boom boom, you know? Thats if you want specifics, I was vague before. Maybe someone else has an opinion on this?

That was great! yay! i really like the trailor bounce at the end, and also really liked the winter scene. that’s good stuff. do you work in 3d?

Wow! Amazing design and concepts! Congratulations! Awesome work!

hhoffren - dear God! I missed that?
… I love you.

sausages - yeah, you are right about that floaty bit. I tell you what, that is the problem with animating in After Effects… it sucks. That project is long past, so I probably won’t be touching the specifics of the individual pieces… however you make a good point and I am definitely more aware of those issues now.

Ann Arbor Michigan is local for me during the next day and a half. EXCELLENT small town brews around here.

Thanks Sammaron. I currently do not work in 3D, however I hope to remedy that situation with this here video :slight_smile:

Nice … a few offhand comments …

(1) Don’t start with anything that is “out of focus.”

(2) It isn’t obvious what the “trailer” is supposed to be about until the end of the piece. Let that be obvious from the (now razor-sharp) sequence at the start, which matches the one at the end to bring obvious closure.

(3) Your reel quickly takes off on a “visual story-line” and carries it through consistently, except for three or four seemingly-obligatory 3D models that rotate a couple of times. This disrupts the story, so cut them out. It’s clear-enough that you are adept at doing modeling, e.g. from the “frog popping-in and popping-out on a track” sequence that occurs a few seconds later.

(4) Once you have established the story and set the pace, stick to it. Remember, everything (especially anything set to music) has a certain “beat” to it, and each new visual surprise needs to fall “on the beat.” The story needs to introduce some surprises from time to time, but also to present surprising re-use of stuff we have already seen, which you do rather well with the frog. “The frog” invites the viewer to follow through the action from the point of view of the frog, or at least to use the frog as a tour-guide in a little journey full of surprises. It also provides continuity.

(4a) I don’t think I’d keep the “play buttons.” When they came swimming into view, sharp in-focus, I was distracted… “am I supposed to push them?” It was not something that I had been conditioned to expect, plus it was something that does carry an unwanted conditioned-response: “I’m supposed to interact with this.” Make it fuzzy if you need to keep it, but why exactly do you need to keep it?

(5) Creativity is always a plus. I think I know what school you went to, and maybe some award that you have won? Anyhow, it’s a creative and original idea to use those “falling logos.”

(6) I didn’t see any bad-cuts in anything that you presented. Nothing jars the animation or “draws the eye.” That’s good, and it demonstrates technical competency in the best possible way… namely, “of course.”

(7) With further cuts and tightening, this reel is going to be twenty to thirty seconds shorter but much tighter and “crisper.” It should certainly sell you well.

dam, sundials, right a book. you’d make badrillions. good advice, me thinks.

good luck, petey 3-d-ee (imagine that said all witty and stuff, and so it rhymes…i tried :D)

sundialsvc4 - That is some of the best advice and critique I have ever heard (especially here). Thank you so much for taking the time! I will be adressing each one of your points.

I was worried that my reel might be too short or not show off enough work, but I guess it is better to have a tight and interesting package instead of one that wallows around.

Your beer is in the mail :smiley:

very nice…

That was pretty sweet. I guess that nice frog animation was done in AE? Can you do that sort of thing in Blender?

Actually, that frog animation was 100% … Maya. Let the records show, however, that it was my final Maya piece.

That being said, I am positive you could do that in Blender. I used Maya’s toon shaders for the neato look.