Petit Angel look alike =o)

(crow) #1

made this after i seen the Petit Angel from Yu-Gi-Oh the card game…aint he(?) cute :stuck_out_tongue:

Only thing i dont like is the rings the lighting left, any suggestions?

(acasto) #2

How do you get there, I tried to get to the place for the pic and just got some half naked chic

(Goofster) #3

hmmm, I just get the angel pic, what is the link to that half naked chick? :smiley:

looks very cool, very cartoony. reminds me a bit of pokemon

(acasto) #4

I just copy and pasted that link and backspaced to ‘animoshworld’

(LohnS) #5

lol quite funny acasto

nice pic btw

(acasto) #6

Ohhh…I got it! I’m using Galeon on linux. I finally tried IE5 under wine and it worked.

Yea, it looks pretty good. I think the girl could take it out with that wip of hers though.