Petition ATI Blender 2.50 Testing Petition (join the cause)

:yes: joIn tHe cAuSe !!!

create a petition that would force the ATi developers to test and bench mark there cards with blender 3d and Provide users and potential buyers a compatibility list .” by going to there website and launching a customer enquiry requesting to test there cards with blender

if a thousand different users do this theyll have to listen >>>:D

Most often when users plan to buy a graphic card two brands come to mind

  1. ATI
  2. Nividia

As we all know By know Nividia cards work really well with blender 3d and open gl but many users would still prefer to get ATI graphic cards as well , but as history and experience states most ati cards dont work well with opengl or blender 3d.

This paints a bad perception about ati ie “ati is crap " & 'stupid dopey ati graphic driver developers” etc etc .

Anyone planing to buy a graphic card is faced with a dilemma whether if they purchase an ati card will it work or not .

so blender being used by thousands of people all over the world, i figured we as a community could create a petition that would force the ATi developers to test and bench mark there cards with blender 3d and Provide users and potential buyers a compatibility list .

posted trough the link provided by op.

Good initiative. ATi history has been bad on Linux too, not just Blender but I can only see ATi considering it a Blender problem not there’s it’s not as if every other 3D app, game whatever has crap performance using ATi. How many 3D Max users are using ATi for example, like FireGL or equivilent now? How many XSI users etc.

Just my perspective and opinion but I stuck my fingers up to ATi 10 years ago and continue to now, F–k em! :slight_smile: But we’re a small fish in a big pond of users and big box shifters like Dell buy cheap ATi chips by the millions, where do ATi make there money?

Good luck and hope there’s some success.

Pointless really. Ati’s recent drivers have mostly been ok. I for once use blender with a 5870 without a problem. I had my fair share of glitches with ati and nvidia cards on XSI and Maya over the years.

@Grafos ,

So you know that 5870 has no problems with blender ,but thats after you purchased it and started using it .
but what about before purchase how did you know that it would definitely work with blender ? did you go through reviews that it would work with blender ? simple answer you didn’t .

how will you find out if future card releases will work perfectly with blender ?

are you just going to wait for some innocent blenderhead to spend $200 and find out that the new card of another model, design or architecture he purchased does not work ?

or would you prefer to know before purchase that the card is compatible .

just because 5870 works for now doesnt mean that later releases will work too as hardware development and driver development architecture vary from release to release .

I agree with Grafos. Why have you just focussed this at ATi, your arguement also applies to NVidia as well as all other OS and component manufacturers as well as the Blender developers themselves.
Do you really expect 1000s of responses from these forum users ? You won’t I can tell you now.

I have had a few ATI cards and, although their drivers have improved, sometimes there has been some problems.
You always hope that the newest drivers will still work well with opengl and blender.
Obviously they prioritize directx since their cards are mainly for the gaming market.
Having a list of programs that work/don’t work along with a new driver release would be extremely handy.

We must talk about other manufacturers too. There is many laptops with strange and unknown manufacturers. Laptops are very popular our days.

A tip: we can make a compatibility cart with popular videocards and compatibility problems.

Why have you just focussed this at ATi, your arguement also applies to NVidia
That is not true. While Nvidia has its shares of problems their support for OpenGL is a bit better then ATI. While it has improved since AMD bought ATI they are still not there yet.

Last week I had a blend file which seemed to crash my ATI card (screen went black and windows told me the gpu had recovered blablabla) Needed to downgrade my drivers to get it working.

To be honest with the pricedrops of the GTX 470 I’m even thinking about buying one to replace my 5770 card.

His arguement in #5 was based on what might happen in the future, not the past. Who knows what NVidia will be like in the future? They may crap out their drivers and cause problems with blender. There are consistent problems seen with NVidia (objects showing up black with a red mesh springs to mind) and Intel integrated graphics

I have been using ati cards (9550 and hd3850) for few years and they work just fine with blender in linux, there has been 2 big bugs, slow selection speed that made selecting object take couple seconds and one that turned view into red and black.
Still, I can trust that future cards work with blender because they support opengl.

The orignal link is to AMD not ATI?? It is also a request for information. Where is this so called petition and to whom is it being directed AMD or ATI???

I did not even read this…bottom line ATI drivers and development = crap…I loved ATI for a long time, but in the end…they cut corners…or they cannot write proper ogl specked drivers so lost cause…unless they decide to bite the bullet, ditch catalyst, and do it right.

AMD is the parent company of ATI.

To be honest after the Fermi series I have been eyeing the ATI range, but this issue does come up. Will my card work with Blender, not only when I buy it, but what happens if I upgrade to a driver and it all goes wrong, yes, I could downgrade but for a lot of things, other than Blender you need the latest drivers. It’s a bit of a problem.

Thankfully I’m running a 260GTX and so far it’s been pretty damn good in terms of performance, so I have no need to urgently upgrade.

let’s hope their decision to opensource their drivers can bring more developers and make things more stable

I happen to have won this card in a design competition, so I didn’t purchase it at all. But, maybe if you had read recent reviews on ati cards before making this post and suggestion, you would know that ati is now outperforming nvidia in OGL and their drivers are very stable. Atiis also embracing and pushing for open standards, instead of proprietary technologies such as PhysX, CUDA and 3dVision. Of course they had some very bumpy drivers in the past, which understandably has lead to some users being very skeptical with their products. Nvidia has had some bad drivers recently, has caused many cards to actually self-destruct. Also thei laptop cards made many unhappy customers when they started to fail 2 years ago - my sister’s lappy was a victim as well :frowning:

I am not an ati fanboy btw, I have had as many nvidia as ati cards. I’ve been mostly happy with all of them, and as I mentioned, I had my share of troubles with 3d software and drivers from both companies. With my previous card, the nvidia 7900GT, I had to stick to ancient drivers for 2 years because of graphic glitches in Maya (went through a gazillion of drivers until I found one that worked).

What you are asking is not going to happen simply because both companies don’t guarantee their gaming cards will play nicely on any 3d software. That’s part of the reason why the big boys pay heaps of money for their quadro\fireGL cards and even then, the support will mostly come for 3ds max/maya and xsi, not blender.

this makes me believe you are virally marketing nvidia. there is a 470 benchmark thread the 470 is the worst perfroming nvidia card for blender and is actually beaten by their budget cards.

Have had several ATI cards and have had very few issues with them…
9800 PRO
X800 XT
HD 2400
HD 4890
HD 5770
And never had problems with them at all with blender. Cannot replicate issues people have.
My new 5770 even has better performance on linux than Windows.

So because I don’t know of problems with a particularly card (as I don’t read all of the threads here) that makes me a marketeer. Occam’s razor… . I honestly didn’t know about those problems, as a lot of people I presume… .

Maybe you should really think twice before making such accusations or being just helpfull and point me to that particularly thread. I don’t like it to be accused like that.

Without reading the entire thread: most of Blender developers have ATi cards in their machines, I currently have a laptop with an ATi HD 4650 and the main machine has 2 ATi HD 5550 in software crossfire (motherboard supports this). Apart from glSelect episode, IMO these cards have always been very stable and usable.