Petits dificils miracles


This is a mini scene I’ve done to determine a mood and a style for a project I’ll be starting soon. This is just the first step. I hope you like it.

And here’s the render before adding the text and some editing:

You can also take a look at the original 1920x1080 render here.

Also, I’ve done a short animation that you can watch at youtube and vimeo.

Thanks for watching. :slight_smile:

P.S The sky texture is an angular map from this thread:

This is beautiful!
I love it. :smiley:
I think that you should make a banner-compatible version. Just in case. :wink:

hehe, thanks a lot, Minifig! :slight_smile:

nice look !

The title has a special signification ?

Thanks ! FaB !

The title is from a song by some friends of mine, the translation would be something like “tiny difficult miracles”, don’t know if that makes any sense in English.

I’ll be doing some more test projects along a short 50sec animation, and, if after that I still feel confident about it, will do a video for that song. But it’s about 4 minutes long and I’ll have to plan everything very carefully if I don’t want to fail miserably.

It looks so soft and welcoming… magical almost.

Also it looks like a close-up of the green hair of one of those cute little troll dolls you got a while back.
which is it?

translation in french (which is my mother tongue language) would be “petits miracles difficiles”

Make a storyboard and plan some tasks, and you’ll not fail for you 4 min video

Well, the truth is, at first, I’ve meant it to be grass, but along the way I realized it looked like hair and those troll dolls came to my mind too :slight_smile: but it’s totally unintentional.
Thanks for the nice words

hehe, it seems like french and catalan are quite similar. :slight_smile:
even though the english translation for this is not that different either.

Yeah, I plan to work on the storyboard to death before producing anything.

very relaxing compostion, but you miss one “f” letter in “difFicils”

Thanks, :slight_smile:
but I’m pretty sure I’ve spelled that right.ícils

what camera setup have you used to get that colour banding in the green? the slight prismatic flaring?

hmm, I guess you’re talking about the chromatic aberration. That’s caused by using Dispersion in a Lens Distortion node.
Don’t really know why, but I’ve using it in most of my renders for quite a long time already.

that would be it. i have no idea about the node and composition parts of blender, but i was impressed you could get that effect into the cameras. it wouldn’t work all the time, but a bit of lens corruption in a photograph can be cool, though if my slr lens’ ever showed that much i would take them back to the store… :smiley:

yeah, I’m no photographer but, from what I’ve read, it seems to be a by-product of a bad lens. It doesn’t add to the realism of the image, but I kinda like how it looks.

thats my understanding aswell. happens more on wider lens lengths, - my lomo fisheye produces very interesting colour distortion - but its meant to, distortion definitely has its appeal…