Without composite:
Some wires:

Another of those two-day characters. I kinda like this one though.

Modeled in wings (whose greatness I discovered just recently), textures painted in gimp and the rest done in blender.

C&C Very welcome

Edit: Oh, and if someone knows what the cigar-holder thing is called, that would be great.

Nice style of character. My main criticism is of the shoulders; the actual arms seem to start a good inch below the straps of her dress, which makes them look a bit like they’re stuck on the sides willy-nilly. Really nice texture work, though.

Jeez, it’s so warped I have no idea what’s intentional or not. XD A little anti-aliasing wouldn’t hurt, though.

very nice textures and wonderful character. the sparklyness of her “makeup” is really great.

somehow reminds me of nightmare before christmas… don’t know why, but it’s definately a good thing:P

Nice model you’ve got there!
I really like the look and feel she gives.
I don’t know that word, i am only 14 and still filling my vocabulary up.

nice, i agree with bleedfm, a cool, creepy feel…and at 13, im not much of a smoker :wink: very nice

at 13, im not much of a smoker

wow we have some young members! But hey, the CG community is unversal including age.

I like the look of this model, but it isn’t raytraced, or have any shadows what so ever, you need to add something to really spruce it up.

hey, age is no limit to ability or interest, but yeah, i guess i am pretty young.
and to add to your scene, maybe some dark victorian era candle lamps, portraits etc…thats the feeling you character eminates
then again, it also has an early 1900s look to it…

Thanks very much for the comments!
I just saw my thread on the first page, thought it was dead long ago :rolleyes:
However, the computer holding the files is. I won’t go into any deatils, I’ll just say that I was fiddling around with some more RAM, and… well, it’s a piece of junk now :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, thanks a lot!