Petting my lil nendroid character

hey guys

Thought i’d show this image i did a few months ago (im only back on the forum now after agggges). Ive been making nendroid style models of my characters in blender, and i finished the ‘lil-holly’ one and i thought id play about with it a bit :3 i envisioned having a video of my pc and having her run around my keyboard or something, using some AR stuff. So, to begin with, i tried seeing if i can successfully place a model into a photo i took.

Hehe, here you are!
(click link to see higher resol version)

whatcha all think? ^.^

This was made using the 3d model (nendroid) i made of my character from my comics. She has basic boning for animation (not perfect yet, i need to get the clothing to deform perfectly). Simple photo was used with me ‘petting’ empty space. Renderlayers was used to overlay her over the photo, a separate scene to allow the hand to go above her, and a shadow-only plane was made to model a shadow from her onto my graphics tablet.

I think it looks awesome :slight_smile:
And very nice integration there.
I’ve always wondered how to achieve the manga look with blender… (hint hint lol)

Please upload more pics!!

please , can you upload a version without composition ?

seems nice …

hehe, thanks guys.

heres the model of lilholly by herself. this image was used in the conbook for Q-Con XV over here back in june(im the anime/cosplay coordinator so i got this put in at one point :3 ).
(click for higher resol version)

i havent got her rigging complete yet, having her arms by her sides is the extent of it at the minute (outside the typical arms-out-to-sides i made her from). i plan to have a fully rigged version soon, one which i can animate the eyes, mouth, ears and wings easily as well as the normal bones.