Pettition to go back to the old material interface?

OK, quite frankly, the new material/texture interface sucks. It VERY annoying to use, looks nice, but just plain doesn’t work.

Its to bloody hard to work with textures in it, etc.

I’m not saying revamp the whole dang thing, I’m saying give us some additional customization options.

OK, the old one had everything right handy, right? The new one has all these tabs that make it take longer then the stone age to work out your materials.

You can seperate the tabs, that is GREAT. but to make them all FIT you have to work bloody small.

see the problem?

now the solution.

look at all the space lost in each window, like the preview window to be exact.

All we need is a horizonal resize, like most windows have. Would help ALOT IMHO, as the people like myself that found the old interface one of the best out there could get it back, and the default would still be n00b friendly.


What part of “the interface is a work in progress” did you not understand?

Make propositions with complete mockups if you have any ideas how to make it better.


I prefer the old style, but maybe it’s just because I haven’t had much time to work with the new interface. But just tell me one thing…

Where is the vertex paint color chooser?!

ahh…OK. The news at made it sound like 2.31 WAS the final.

The new interface would be better if you could mix the little windows around (have material and texture settings on the same screen). That would make the new system totally worth the change IMO.

Where is the vertex paint color chooser?!

R click on the region of the mesh with the desired color i think.

No, that’s how you can copy an already existing color.

The color picker is in the Editing buttons (F9).


I am not seeing a color picker. are you reffering to the RGB sliders?

yes, the RGB sliders used to pick the color you are going to paint.


erm,…um,…i knew that, I was just testing you. well done. ( :expressionless: )

they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I seem to be getting around alright but then I’m not a power user either

To relieve you all a bit:

instinctive-blender is a seperate Blender tree that is constantly being updated to have all the new features in Blender (actually, most new features in the official release have been created in instinctive and then ported to the official release), BUT! It STILL has the old, functional, efficient interface.

So - it looks like good old Blender! But it WORKS like the current release :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for the homepage designer to finish. As soon as homepage is there, I’ll post the first official release :slight_smile:

Rubbish and more rubbish. I have nothing against good ideas but I truly seem to be the only one who has adjusted to the new interface perfectly. My workflow is way faster, i minimize everything that I don’t use, I have more room, easy-to-see panels and button groups etc. etc.

And I think that Monkeyboi has done a very good job presenting several great ideas on the interface forum. That’s the place.

All in all, I really don’t like this post and i really don’t find any reason why I should. Sorry if I sound harsh, but thats my opinion.

Opinions are there to be different :slight_smile:

I like both interfaces,…each in their own special way. :smiley:

Sorry I don’t have an alternative interface to post, but I do have some constructive criticism of the interface that I want to voice.

From simply looking at the new preview window it is obvious that there is a ton of wasted space. I run my monitor at 1280x1024, and the whole materials settings still don’t fit on the screen at a usable zoom level. I’ll be headed back home tomorrow, and things will be even worse at 1024x768.

Notice also the wasted space around the texture selector. In my opinion, the check box is much too large in proportion to the one bit of binary data that it stores, and has a huge amount of space on its left. The copy and paste buttons waste an entire row, and there is a gaping hole underneath the “Clear” button.

I also think that the default buttons are a mixed bag. One one hand, they are too rounded; each round part wastes a small amount of space that adds up by the time all the buttons are considered. On the other hand, the scheme allows related buttons to be quickly and almost subconsciously associated with each other. In effect, this merges the RGB sliders into one tool, and disassociates the halo button from the rest of the settings – as it should be.

The new interface is a lot more organized than the old one, but for some reason the old one seems more cohesive to me. It has very few submenus, and the controls seem to be organized “instinctively”, rather than in some mechanically imposed grid.

As I make these comments I realize that interface design is a lot more subjective than it may appear to be; a good interface is not necessarily one that adheres to strict organizational rules. Usability must always be the first priority – organization can be as far down the list as necessary (realize that people call me anal retentive for being so organized).

Just my $0.02, or more like $5.00 at this point.



I kinda choked myself while reading that.

You’re just trying to make some good PR right, you don’t actually believe this, do you?


The new layout took me a bit of time to find my way around, that is I had to think to find stuff. The extra flexability is good (eg vertical layout). I am getting used to it and the function has increased as well as the form. I don’t want to play around with lots of different versions of Blender, I hope that what ever gets anounced and posted on this site is the official version and so is worth investing time learning the changes.

I am very greatful for the time and effort put in to bring me software that I can down load and get on and use to my hearts content.


The only thing I dislike is the rendering of the layout… everything wobbles when moving things (ie, the tabs in the button window) around (seems like a precision issue?)

But apart from that, I love love love the organized new UI, it’s much better :slight_smile:

I just wish I could embed python scripted windows inside the buttons window… (and other areas)

Yup, that was a problem in 2.30, it wasn’t really finished properly. The UI controls are nice and clean in the current CVS.