Pettson & Findus (Making of, cartoon style, Tutorial)

this was my entry to Blenderguru’s Christmas Competition 2012:

I just wanted to post it here and talk a little about how I made it. It’s my first fully textured scene and I was surprised by the result because I never thought that I can achieve this.

This video shows my work progress:

The blend file including all the textures (~21mb):
I think there are basically three things that have a big impact.


For the outlines I used a Blender build with Freestyle.
You can get it here:
In the Render Layers Tab you find all the settings for Freestyle. If you use the Python Scripting Mode you can load different styles. In my case they were to find in “blender25-win64-FreeStyle\2.64\scripts\freestyle\style_modules\”
It’s fun to load different scripts and see what they do.
If you use the Parameter Editor Mode you can create LineSets and create your own style.

There is a PDF that explains how it works.
I don’t know who the author of this is, I think I found it on BlendSwap but I couldn’t find it anymore, so I uploaded it to my server:

For the textures I used MyPaint. I love that tool.
I think these are the brushes I used the most to create the textures:

I also experimented with the material settings.
At the end I liked the combination of Fresnel and Toon the most.
Just play with the Intensity, Size and Smooth values of the Toon shader.

I think if you experiment with these three things and have an eye for detail you’ll get a nice result.
Thanks for your interest in my work and have fun!
Would be great to see some of your results


I love the subtle references to Nitz & Eisklotz, great work and thanks again!

Very cute! I love the cat with its tiny plate, and the look of the meal. Lots of meat.

I really can’t find fault, it’s very well done. I want to be there!

This was in my top three from the competition. nice work!

This should be featured here. Great job!

Love the cozy atmosphere.

So lovely work! When you have grown up with the books it is even better! :slight_smile:

One of the most underrated renders of the year; beautiful models, fantastic style and light, and fabulous mood of the final image. In my opinion in deserves a lot of attention and admiration. 5 stars from me.

Yeah, great work! And file and process sharing greatly appreciated.

Have to say, though… it’s quite creepy to see him beard- and hairless in the breakdown:)

Thanks a lot for your comments!

Haha, when I showed it to my brother, he said the same thing :slight_smile:

At BlendSwap you can find a p3d preview and a version of Findus that uses only one texture:

That’s it for this project.
Thanks again.