Petunia (animation)

I completely forgot to post here!

Quite a few people will have seen it already, but I’d love some feedback/critique.
The anim was made for the Blender Conference by a bunch of Blender users. I think in total there’s a month’s full time work in it. Half the characters were done completely by hand by volunteers, the other half I did using motion capture data provided by

You can find out more here:

Theres also an HD version near the bottom of this page:

Holy crap this is good. You can see that some animations are better than others, but man, what an achievement especially as you had community input.
^^ This guy who was falling over seemed a bit floaty, maybe he was full of helium.
^^ This bit also looked a bit dodgy but i would have been surprised if you had pulled this off.

There are lots of moments that didn’t look quite right and some of the shaders looked pretty basic but over all, for the shear amount of work, the time, effort and Calvin’s motion tracking:

5 stars.

This is really great! You did a wonderful job putting this all together. I’m kicking myself for not submitting an animation. 5 starts from me.

  1. At about the 00:26 marker, on the left side of the path I can see a black shape in the trees. I assume this black object is there to hide the objects around the bend?
  2. At about marker 1:38 there is a large green rectangle on the right side of the path. I’m sure this is not a mistake. What is it supposed to be?


Really good. Not perfect, but for all that work, it looks good.

Thanks guys.

TheAnimal: Yeah the floaty one is done by someone manually. I actually really like the varying quality of animations.

I’m surprised you’re not completely in awe of the three balancing bots. It’s definitely my personal favourite. Groo did an amazing job on it.

NurbNerd: well the black bit you see at 26s is actually just a shadow in the trees, but you can see it “in front of” the bot cause part of the bot is masked out. There just wasn’t the time to do the masking perfectly.

And yeah… that green rectangle… I recon it’s a fridge someone dumped in the woods. It’s actually there! And it’s actually that colour!

That’s funny! It looks so much like a rendered rectangle. I thought there was some sort of inside joke about putting it there!

Really nice work!!