Peugeot 206 (update 4/9/03, 22:07 GMT)

this is a 4 door 206 which i wanted to model before i start college this so far is about 6 hours work i still have to shape the back properly. I have till monday to finish it that is why i am posting it now to get quick comments and critque, thanks very much
EDIT: 2500 Faces 2606 Vertices Unsubdidivded


Looks nice form someone who tryed modeling a car for the first time. I think a little view into oto’s how to build a car tutorial should be very usefull :smiley:

Link car tutorial:

hi thanks for the comment and link to the website that is nearly the same way i did it that tut reminded me that i forgot the door handle holes i have put them in now and i will post another update soon

Simple tutorial you can find at my 911 - my first car modeling. Here is basic blender error. After base step Subsurf Smooth is used !!! He should use Sub Surf from “w” menu. Than choose 100% and than correct all details. At third step smooth - than again “handwork” mesh setting…etc…

doesn’t anyone have any C+C for me the car in its subdivived form has over 90,000 faces upto yet now i need a link from anyone for a big detailed picture of the peugeot badge if anyone can find me one thanks guys and it would be nice to have more comments on my work

Looking good so far. Let’s see some more updates. I look forward to seeing it finished.

For the badge go here:


hey heres an update of my peugeot i am oing to start on the badge in a min or i may do the front at he bottom first
currently 98,000 faces subdivided

hope to have it finished by sunday

here is a little glimse of how the finsihed car will look still need to get around to shaping the back properly :stuck_out_tongue:

looks nice, but i have the wierd sensation that when i look at the back it’s a sedan and not a compact

thats becuase none of the back is shaped yet so the hole of it is flat and there is a gaping hole in the back of it but thanks for the comment

here is what it looks like with the back shaped but it has no windsheild in*43ED3F576558

here is the nearly finished product all i ahve to do now is put the steering wheel in and the front grill and any other C+C that anybody puts will make it feel worthwhile for doing this project*74913F57A6D3