Peugeot 207 CC

This a car ive started modeling. Been a while since ive modeled any cars. Hopefully i’ll actually finish this one. About…2 hours work. This is one of the hardest cars ive modeled, cause of all the curves and creases.

To early to comment but it looks quite promising

Just trying to get the final render before i worry about any more modeling. I think the car material needs work, but i can’t put my finger on what needs to be done, any ideas?

i actually own 2 peugeots a 206 and 206cc haha :stuck_out_tongue: good job cant wait to see the final render :slight_smile:

hi, this looks great.
i found a few problams but they can be fixed:

are you using yafaray?

I can just see what is wrong with the background, but i cant see what is wrong with the headlight area?
Yes I am using yaf(a)ray.

could you show me a wire of that area?

A new render:

ahh, you fixed the prob.
the one in the background is still there. what is it??

I think there might have been an edge that was set solid instead of solid, I’m rendering another one now.

Well, it wasn’t that, does anyone have an idea.
And i want to show this:

Does anyone have any reference images of this car, especially the back where the roof goes inside the car?

tried here:

car here:

Man … look in it´s a great resource …

Ok thanks.
Finally getting a satisfying render, all thanks to kellyq!!
I almost finished the front, apart from the insides of the head lights, whihc i think are going to be quite hard. Any reference images anyone has would be very helpful :smiley:


I always texture while making cars to, some people do the textures at the very end, but I get impatient, Is that going to be the final paint texture?

If i understand you correctly, there are no textures contained in this car.

Made some progress on the front. See if you can actually notice it :frowning: And my first high-res image:D