Peugeot 504 Rallye

Hi, here is a version of a Peugeot 504. I like the shape of this car :slight_smile:


Is she Michéle Mouton? She’s the only female rally driver I can think of.

Looks like she’s stuck :slight_smile:


Thanks for the Likes!
I have no special driver in mind, it’s just a car-modeling-funproject.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Hi bartv, thank you!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I am new to blender. Do you mind sharing more information about the snow? If it is all material, or material on earth and mesh on trees?

snow is in the material of the trees and Rocks, Input is the dotproduct of the the normal.
So every normal from above gets white, better explained with an Image…
Tree, Rocks, Leaves

Thank you for your generous description. I got the overall idea while the detail of nodes and how do they work is a puzzle to me. As I understand you exploited the z-direction normal as definer to wich parts a rock or snow material be assigned.

Thanks for sharing but those screenshots are too small to be readable. Sad, it looked damn interesting :_(

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This is the 504 sport version or “coupé”

Hi, here is a bigger version in a simple setup:


Hi, i don’t know, is there a difference in the overall shape of the rally-version to the normal coupe? :slight_smile:

I don’t think so, there were other coupe variants. But it is much different from the 504 berlina. The berlina also made rallyes.
A nitpick i am not sure if the rally car had yellow front lights, but i remember seeing French cars of 70’s 80’s with yellow front lights.

Great thanks :wink: I justed moved from Max / Maya / ZBrush to Blender and those nodes are damn exciting but so hard to grasp for my 3D modeler brain.

Cheers (b^-^)b

Indeed, the snow is quite good.

Here is a Version without mixing the white color on the surfaces:
(not really elaborated… :))


I have been trying for the least two years with this simple snow setup. Sure you can get the snow color to separate from the other texture on the z normals but try getting height with micro displacement and what you get is no real height and jagged edges when you try to push it. Is there a way to smooth the falloff? I have tried everything! I want to get real height of the snow but I want to control its edge. I don’t want the other texture to bleed into the snow texture and I want the snow texture to have a lot of height.

I have been working with same thing lately. Here is my version. I think it falls quite nicely on the statue.

And here is my node setup.