Peugeot 793 , 3rd Design Contest

Below is draw of my project for 3rd Peugeot Modeling Contest.
Finally, after houndreds of probes i catched proper outline of car model.
It was realy hard for me to start with it.
I’m not so experienced in car modeling as some of you are, but i started at least.
Zoom out the picture several times. There will be still characteristic line /so trademark/ visible :).
Now comes the nicest part of work - dividing, scalpturing, mysterious details and interior.


I’m going crazy too. I haven’t sleep for three days.
So. Good night…And keep alone my samba.


looks cool!
Good luck with it.
I honestly think you’d have a chance. Looks like a 206/207 with the rear wheels lowered down to give the whole body a slope upwards… I like it!
Not that I’d be able to buy it here in the US, but hey, it’d probably sell well in Europe.

If it looks like 206/207 it means, that i did full circle with my model.
So expect 794.


Nice model.

All Peugeot cars have a central 0 in their number. It’s even in their trademarks assets. Originally, it’s was to let pass the starter wrench.

So you should ihmo stick with this numbering scheme.

the first number is the car size from 1 to 6. Concept and special cars are usually in the 8 or 9 range, or have a completly differnet name like quasar.

Great start, Burt.S.! Those little compact cars seem to be Peugeot’s forte… so they should really like your concept! Keep us posted on your progress!

As to the naming scheme, they’ve actually added another zero to their schemes. Their website even had this elaborate animation (can’t find it now that I look… :-? ) that illustrates this… which still doesn’t clear up what they’re trying to do. They’re latest “production-ready” concept was numbered the 1007. If you can figure out what they’re doing, you’re a better man than I… :stuck_out_tongue:

It was explained in french press. The idea is that the 1007 is smaller than the 10x serie, very innovative design, and they could not decently take 007. They will now use the 00 scheme for unusuals models which are not in the normal range. this allow also room eg for the 2010 later.
The last number is not the nth in the size, but the generation. Peugeot cars are in the 7th one

And yes peugeot is good in the compact cars (doesn’t mean they have not muscles, cf 205 Turbo 16)

Ok. It’s my number :). Look at actual stage;)

cool like the flow in the design, but think its only half great :wink:

… u know, need the other half

Second one?..what for :wink: Now you’ll have a lot of fresh air inside.
Look at the newest shoot.

Thanks for comment!

lol i love the figure in the image and the pieces of scrap paper!
cool idea!


I think so;). Nice addon to next long, long, longtime project :smiley: .