Peugeot 808 ws

My submission for the Peugeot contest

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this is my first project on this forum
comments always welcome


As a first project, Whoa, cool. As a concept, I also really like it. There are flaws in the modelling (Bumps mainly), and the material looks like some kind of rubber, but it’s not bad at all.
Because of these I liked those concept drawing things better, but really, for a first project, it’s extremely good.

Good start with materials.

Good creativity! I like the flow of your design and your use of curves and shapes. Your proportions are a little off and the rear pillar will make a big blind spot for the driver (tho I’m one to talk on this, eh?), but there’s a lot to like about it! I especially like the hood/windshield, as well as the rims. Like Erufailon said, the mesh itself could use the odd tweak… but overall, nice!

And by the way, I certainly hope that these are going to be judged based on the concept, rather than how well they are presented. (Tho, my winner in this community would be the same in both categories, but that can lead to soem distorted judgement)