Peugeot contest 2004

Peugeot 744

This is my car project, for the competition of the Peugeot.

It’s a really nice car, but it seems very un-peugoet to me… especially the front.

Very nice! Looks like Blender is going to be well represented in this contest.

Apparently FortuneCity doesn’t allow direct linking. The following URL should bring up the page…

if you want it to look like a peugeot, you need slanded front lights and to lower the front center imho

Very good pafurijaz.
i like it. :wink:

stunning :o :o :o

The model is very very cool, no C&C of what soever

I’d love to see more renders (perhaps one in a wallpaper resolution?)

sei un grande :smiley:
you’re the man :smiley:

Ok, this is not really a peugeot style design, but I not have any more time, for changing the exteriors. %|
When contest is ended, you can download the model, on my web page or on
Thanks to all for comments. :slight_smile: