Peugeot Contest Design 2008

Hi, here is my project for the contest
Blender 2.47, Indigo 1.1.5, Gimp 2.2
C&C are welcomed


Where do you put the beer? :wink:

Just kidding nice image although I think your model looks too much like a Smart.
Is this just a carosserie design or did you actually also figure out engine placement and stuff?

very cute and professional

Great design, if i remember a similar design won in 2006, i think.

OMG I forgot the beer’s place :o
It’s not a carosserie design, I also did a description:
“Imagine yourself pretty little car with all amenities in the city, having excellent family tree it has such features like lion’s agility, large class comfort, safety and ecology.
the vehicle is equipped with the hydrogen engine (electric optional) and solar panel on the roof for the climat control. you will feel independence of the weather conditions, you’ll get pleasure of driving and you wonder that little car will entertain you with HI-FI audiosystem.
The car is for 2 person, luggage space is located behind the seats, but it’s meant for carry-on. Rear compartment is for auto spare wheel and tools. Auto given the small size, to avoid injuries in the crash, the construction provides AIRBAG and seat belt, the carcass is made of durable light alloys.”

2endy: thanks :slight_smile:
2TheANIMAL: thanks, about the similar design can’t say anything))

Very original and clean. The back is totally unique. Great job!

Very nice. The modeling is superb. The only things I might improve would be:

  • Is the driver really necessary? Why not show off more of the interior and skip the driver?
  • The position of the reflection could be tweaked.

But other than that it’s very well done.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: