Peugeot Design Comp - Winner Announced

They’ve named a winner in the 07 design competition. Pretty nice design, too. Of the top 30, there were only about 7 good ones that I felt I could cast a vote for (they asked for our top 10). Not sure if any used blender, but there were some pretty cool entries, nonetheless. I didn’t get an entry in due to some changes IRL during the end of last year.

Did anyone else enter? If so, post pix of your entries here!

Well, at least it looks like a car this year. Last years was just, O_o.

Anyway, Thanks for sharing the link.


I am a bit disappointed at the winner’s lighting and scene matching skill… but then, i still have my half-completed car sitting on a spare HDD somewhere…

This design contest is about the overall concept and the design of the car. Not the final renders and composite shots.


Thanks for the heads up. Always good to keep in touch with state of the art. Some very interesting designs on their web site, as always.

Maybe it’s just because most of the entries were a bit more on the playful side of the coin this time around, but I had the feeling that this years winners were more of a fun style and last years finalists had a more urban elegance kind of a feel. Well, except for that mono-rider something or other. Peugeot isn’t really known for the urban elitist ride I guess. Fun is good too.

Page dosen’t seem to open in Firefox… used explorer and well, not too impressed… but this is the winner

Let’s hope it doesn’t rain

And the winner is Siddy!!!:slight_smile: No seriously Grafixsuz that can’t be the winner, it looks like a match box toy car. Well atleast it’s got a roll bar.

I don’t think it looks very good - using one of the worst designed games consoles inside the car shows a certain lack of design skill. Sometimes it seems that being a designer just means taking a normal object and doing something that no one else has done no matter how hideous.