Pew PEw - Vaporize FX

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Vaporize.blend (882 KB)

(Dr. Binary) #2

Woah, how’d I miss this!? Hahaha, cool man. Your fx demos are freaking rad.

Strange though, I didn’t get that effect when I ran the demo. In mine, a soft blue shade spread across the object, then the vertices distorted and rose as the color faded to black. What version of bge is this using?

(BluePrintRandom) #3


I suspect you were not in glsl mode*

(Dr. Binary) #4

I am always in glsl mode. I wonder if it’s an upbgebonly thing.

(BluePrintRandom) #5

upbge is glsl, by default and when you open .blend files in vanilla blender you have to manually set it back to glsl.

I would suggest using upbge anyway as the api has new candy + nice stability.

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