PF 2006 animation

Just very simple PF 2006 animation I had to do for our little company. When discussing on PF form I suggested Blender animation. Overall time to finalise the project - 4 hours. I was really surprised how fast the Blender 2.40 rendered particles. I aimed to make final animation under 1MB.

Sorry that it has some kind of commercial character (logo of company) but as I have said it was primarily task in my job.



very nice! (bonne et heureuse année), I just have to say that colors on the sentance" pour feliciter…" could be better (?) also the particles are very blurry, you can make’em sharper if you want.

A little question: are you working with blender in your company ?

Thank you al very much.

The blurry particles were used intentionally I tried to archive some kind of winter dreamy foggy atmosphere. Materials of wish are quite degraded by low-res which was needed for downloadable animation (i.e. as small as possible).

Regrading your question, our company is not graphic one. But as I am a big fun of Blender I am trying to use Blender every time some graphic is needed (logo, web design, background of presentation slides etc.).