Pfhor [update: 2004/08/18]

started a new project… let’s hope I finish it!

Can you guess who this is?

is it a martian?

not a martian
it’s from a video game. early-mid 90’s.
it’s possible there may not yet be enough detail for people to guess, but I think there is…

erm im out and i love all games.

I was just running through Marathon 2 again a couple of days ago. That looks a lot like a Pfhor. Very nice.

edit - spelling

Yes it’s a Pfhor fighter! TrevorG wins a… warm fuzzy feeling inside… :expressionless:

if Anyone knows some good reference pics, could you let me know?
I’m currently using the ones here:
but as you can see, they’re kinda small and hard to make out.
more to come…

Well I have Marathon 2 :durandal for windows in my hand if someone wants it liet me know and ill trade ya for another game. lol

I have both Marathon 1 and 2 on CD for Mac. but I’m running linux, and don’t know a way to extract the images from the data files on linux…
If anyone knows where the Marathon sprite sheets could be found online (besides the link I found), it would be pretty cool. Or even if someone is willing to rip them and email them to me, it would be much apprecieated.

Wow, thanks, it feels so warm…and fuzzy. :smiley:

The sprites on the page you posted look like thay’re at the in-game resolution. I’m afraid that’s the best you’re going to get. You can install Marathon on Linux using Aleph One ([urll] and take some screenshots if you want to check that for sure. That’s how I’ve been playing under OSX.

I know that’s the best there is for game sprites. maybe if someone has links to high-detail concept art, I know that bungie had it online once upon a time…

little update:
added the breathing hose.

Ok… lots of updates. I modelled the arms, legs, body.
Here ya go:

C&C please… i know it needs work. what part do you think it needs it most?

also, it was modelled with a lot of Nurbs. probably why I have so much progress after so little time! :wink: but they don’t seem to look as good as mesh models. any pointers out there?