PFTrack 2011 into Blender 2.5x

Good Afternoon Blender Gurus,

I have searched high and low for this answer and so far I have stumped the panel. Here’s my problem.

I just started using PFTrack 2011 for matchmoving solutions and I would like to export the camera solve from PFTrack 2011 into my copy of Blender 2.57.0. The only problem is, PFTrack 2011 only option for Python scripting is Nuke Python.

I opened this Nuke Python Script in Blender 2.57.0 and hit “Run Script”, I get the following error:

Python script fail, look in the console for now…
And the text Editor highlights the following line:

I looked at many tutorials on how to integrate PFTrack into Blender and they all are using earlier versions of both PFTrack and Blender. I am not a programmer, so any technical or language specific jargon will only make this more frustrating.

Does anyone know how to export, and I’m being very specific here, PFTrack 2011 into Blender 2.5x

Sorry Murphy1976, I don’t have an answer for this, but would dearly love one!
I just invested in PFTrack 2011 to do motion tracking for blender expecting to import the camera data into blender but as you point out it doesn’t.
I did try exporting from PFTrack as a COLLADA file as this is an import script in Blender, but the camera doesn’t animate :frowning:
I hope there is an answer…

I’ve since tried exporting as a FBX file (Blender can export as a FBX file but not import) and then using Autodesk’s convertor app which changed the FBX to a 3DS (which Blender can import). However when I tried to import the new 3DS file I got he following error:
I’m getting slightly frustrated now.
Any help would be appreciated…