PFTrack to Blender

I am currently trying to export my PFTrack camera data to Blender and I am having no luck. I have tried using Blender 2.49 up to the recent build 2.5 alpha 2. I have also tried the PFTrack (.py) native support to blender and also Human Readable (.txt) and only get errors from console. I am using PFTrack 5.0. If anyone is having success with importing camera data from PFTrack into blender please walk me through your process. Thanks.

pftracks was once a free program called icarus. i dont know how much has changed but you can get icarus to blender video tutorials here you can also get the icarus software there. and pftracks was icarus before it was pf track.

Strange, I’ve never had any problem exporting from PFTrack (via .py) to Blender. But I haven’t tried with the 2.5.

Hey phoenixart, could you walk me through your exact process. What version of blender do you import into? Does the scene in blender have to be empty eg: no camera, lights or default cube? In 2.49 I clear scene open up scripting window , load my ‘’ that was created in PFTrack and run script, then blender gives me a scripting error and no point cloud or camera data that I can see in 3d screen or camera view. What am I doing wrong? lol…

As I wrote I’m not using it with 2.5 for now. I was simply used to export the data from PFTrack as python file. From the text window simply open the python file but don’t delete anything inside your scene, keep the camera and all the other elements you can always tweak the scene later. One thing to bear in mind: if you have just adjusted the tracking on one frame you’ve to manually change the frame rate in the python file you imported in the text window, because the frame rate it’s wrong: for 1 frame tracked the frame rate will be 1, but you need a more common frame rate (25, 30 whatever you’re actually working on).

That’s it

I have tried using the exported .py file from PFTrack in 2.49b as well as 2.5 alpha 1 and 2.5 alpha 2 with no luck. How about I send you the tracked data for the camera move (.py file) the PFTrack exports, and see if you can get it to open up properly. Maybe you can see what I am doing wrong. I cannot move forward on my project until I can get my tracking data into blender. What I think I am trying to say is I can’t import the point cloud that makes up the track points for the camera move, in any version. Thanks for your help by the way.

I don’t think it can work with the 2.5 but yes, send me the .py generated file.
Just to double check: how do you export the python file?

Just sent you the info and files. One question is all the tracking data, once in blender, represented by only ‘empties’?

Ok, the python file is working fine. There are two warnings though, and what you have to do is just taking a look at the console or simply see where the cursors goes after the warning. I’ve removed the following two lines and everything worked fine:

19 img = Image.Load(“D:/Video/Camera/”)
21 tex.setImage(img)

Maybe the path is wrong and Blender cannot find the quick time. Are you sure you’re saving the blender file in the same quick time folder?

Guys i have pftrack and blender. I track the came movement then export to the .py file i import it successfully into blender and all i get is a series of dots etc. (i understand these are the track data). So what’s the next step how can i see the actual video in blender so i can animate and position it exactly where i want it? It’s a new world for me motion tracking so i would appreciate your help extremely :slight_smile:

targyro, once you’ve imported the PFTrack .py file your scene is already set up. You just need to add your objects to the scene, press 0 on the numeric pad key to see the tracked camera and that’s it.