PGR-Meandering-Paths - a script to make jumbled 3D-Paths

Current version now: V0.1.3

  • optimized startpoint-distribution #2
  • optimized startpoint-distribution #3 (tries to avoid overlapping startpoints)

Have fun



Current Version now: V0.1.4

  • the script doesn’t just use the bounding-box of a mesh as “meander-area” anymore, but tries (!) to follow the actual form of the mesh
  • the script now remembers it’s last settings

Same URL:

Have fun (and post results :yes:)

Regards Paddy

Current Version is now: V0.1.5

  • renamed startpoint-distribution #3 to #4 and optimized its count-reducing; min. distance between two startpoints is bevelSize plus 0.002
  • made new startpoint-distribution #3; min. distance is sqrt((areaY*areaZ)/numbPaths)
  • fixed wrong registry key-name (changed ‘-’ to ‘_’)
  • did some code-cleanups

Have fun.

Regards Paddy

great work on this,
just letting you know that people are still here.
& yes having fun.

thx … :wink:

Hi Guys,
Bit of a bump here but the script doesn’t work in 2.49.2

If pgr1973 is still around the forum, could he have a quick look?

It works for me.
ye bumper of old threads.
follow the instructions.

Meta-Androcto: Bliz is correct. I just tried the script in Blender v2.49 under windows xpSP2
Here is the error I got.
“Compiled with Python version 2.6.2.
Checking for installed Python… got it!
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<string>”, line 1, in <module>
File “C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender249.blender\scripts\pgr_mean”, line 5
SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character ‘\xa9’ in file C:\Program Files\Blender Foundat
ion\Blender249.blender\scripts\ on line 5, but no encodi
ng declared; see for details”

then best I upload my working version.
or add >

-- coding: latin-1 --

below #!BPY
to the original code.

I manually removed the error, so it did not appear broken to me.

Yes I just did the same thing I think. I manually went thru and replaces all the umlats and other non ascii characters with ascii ones. Now it runs fine.

i’m trying to make it work but some problems with it

i mean ii want to do the sprial wire as shonw in his web site Screw2 type

but don’t get any thing done

i did add a cube at origin but don’t get any cruve at all

can somone explain some more to how it can work?


Old script to Bl 258: Revived nearby finished …


whre can we get the latest working version ?


Hi Ricky.

I see your question now for the first Time. If it’s still current, with PGR-Meandering-Paths and Blender 2.4x
you select your cube, which will act as the bound-box for the distributed start- and end-points. Don’t
be in editing mode.

Now set the parameters the way you want them. To get the screwy-type, activate “Type of meander” “Screwy” or “Screwy2”
and set the “Steps along x-axis” to a higher value (the higher the more turns the screwing does).

I attach a screenshot to this post where you can see parameters and result.

How it’s gonna work in PKHGs ported version of my script, I don’t now and I am really looking forward to his effort and how it’s gone work out in the new Blender Version(s)

Regards Paddy

well i’m now working with 2,5 and would definitibvely like to try it in 2.5

thanks for clarifying it

happy 2.5

You can see it here:
The Source is to be found there too. It is working but a lot of cleanup and add has to be done … Have to learn a lot
goes on … now I can already force the hexagon to the curves visible (not yet in the code because of other adjustments to the
first ‘straight’ case have to be done (and today was " Oma und Opa Tag" …

good luck with this one and let us know when it is completed!

happy 2.5

Going forward: changing parameters (and deleting one face of the cube) I got

Version 1 (usable already, with a lot of features transferred, some things are differently seen)

Comments and errors found are appreciated!