Phalaris - Sketchbook

I figured it was about time to create my own sketchbook. For now on I’m only going to post my daily sculpts I create for “Sculpt January” but I hope to continue posting some work afterwards.

Here we go with day 1 to 4. If I have some time I will try to create some better looking renders than just the OpenGl ones but I can’t promise anything.

Day 1 - Mushroom

Day 2 - Tentacles

Day 3 - Arm

Day 4 - Fruit

Day 5 - Caricature
Can you guess who it is?

Did day 7 first but I will catch up with day 6 as soon as possible.

Day 7 - Fav Actor

I hope it is okay if I just keep posting stuff :smiley:

Day 8 - Old Tree
It’s not really finished and a lot of sharp edges are missing but due to time constraints I had to leave it like that.

Day 9 - Phoenix

And the next couple of images. Any critique or suggestions are very welcome.

Day 10 - Leg

Day 11 - Gargoyle

Day 12 - Disney Character
It’s supposed to be Mulan but doesn’t quite look like her :confused:

Looking good! I really like the Phoenix, but is it me or do the legs need some love?

Mind-blowing stuff
Is the caricature Matt Damon?

Just you - the legs and the arms show the muscular [tendons, muscles, and major veins by the looks of it] not the skin / flesh covering it.

That fruit is a pomegranate yes? You should do Persephone & the pomegranate [seeds].

These are so cool! Tentacles is my favorite. Keep posting these!

After giving up on the Sculpt January challenge I now try another project which I’ll hopefully be able to finish ;). The idea is cough cough… inspired by Ian Mcque a brilliant concept artist. There’s still a lot to do but I wanted to share my first steps. When I’m done with modelling the basic structures I’ll start to get rid of the clean look by deforming it. Any critique is welcome :slight_smile:


Some progress :). Still a lot to add but I think it’s going in the right direction.


Very nice looking boat! Reminds me of the Dynamo’s one…

Thank you =). What’s Dynamo’s boat?

Added some more small stuff and finished the side panel of the ship.


I hope I’ll find some motivation to continue working on the boat. For the moment I’ve been busy with some other stuff.

I messed around with the Animation Nodes and tried to implement a “venation growth” algorithm which kind of works now, but is still a bit slow. Have to talk to someone who’s better at coding than me ;). Anyway, still wanted to show the results.

Since BA won’t show my embeded vimeo video (any idea why?), here’s the link:

I’ve also been trying to recreate the house I live in. Still not sure in which direction to go though. Any suggestions? I thought about creating a day/night cycle gif, but that’s a bit run of the mill.

You can check out Dynamo on this link: And the boat is in the first episode.

I kind of keep starting projects instead of finishing old ones…

Inspired by Samuel Youn’s Concept arts I tried to convert Mouse into 3D. I think it’s pretty much finished except from some post pro. Let me know what you think =)

I’m trying to get more into sculpting and to find my own workflow.

Concept by Roman Semenenko. Hope you like it :slight_smile: