Phantian Hero

Behold the Ace-fighter-pilot and greatest hero
in Phantian history! Who gave his life to defend
all that is Phantopia.

On the darkest of days, when the Fishonians
launched their assault on this world.
It’s said, that he alone defeated a hundred ships,
ensuring victory and the freedom of every Phantian.
From this day on.



plenty of wich was spent on stuff I threw out again. -_-’

Blender 2.42a
PhotoShopElements 2.0 (some pp)
Wacom Graphire2

Nice, that looks pretty cool.

Only thing is I’d probably cut down on the spec of the tusks a bit.

Thanks. :slight_smile:
You are right, somewhat distracting too.

Since I like wires so much… :smiley:

mostly modeled for the camera. Thus, stuff just ends in the middle of nowhere.